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Carving in garden behind oldest house.

I managed to get up at 530 this morning to catch my flight at 920, but as it turned out, there was no hurry in getting to the airport.  The delay was longer than the actual flight, but at least I glimpsed the sun as we broke through the cloud cover!

I arrived and wasn't all that excited about Glasgow initially.  I did the usual, drop bags, look through guide/maps and set out for the day.  By the end, I'm really liking it here.  It's very similar to Ireland, very green and pretty, except street names last longer than a block here and there are no sound effects when the pedestrian crossing lights turn on.  Anyway, I first checked out the oldest house here, built around 1460 or so, and then the gothic Cathedral, both of which managed to survive the Reformation.

Glasgow Cathedral
  There is also a Necropolis (city of dead) behind the Cathedral.  It's basically a cemetery built on the side of the hill.  That was eery but interesting at the same time.  There was a nearby museum that chronicles different religions and ways to worship, along with a focus on religion in Scotland. 

Inside the Cathedral I was just in awe.  Someone was playing the organ, which added to the whole experience of being in there and seeing it.  There's also a basement that was dimly lit.  Sean Connery's younger brother (hey, he could've been!) was very helpful while I was in there, chatting in his Scottish accent (oh do I love it) and telling me about some explorer pass they have here, which will definitely help with all the admittance fees to the castles here.

Inside the Cathedral
  Speaking of Scottish men, they are so damn handsome!

After all that, I was pretty tuckered out, so I just sat in George Square off yet another incredible City Hall building.  I was sitting next to some German folks chatting away, listening to the song Pinball Wizard (the Who?) on the radio.  It made me laugh because every once in a while, they'd stop speaking German, and sing along..."he's a pinball wizard.."  I wondered if they even knew what the song was about.  I also admired all the statues in the square that the pigeons perched on and did not leave untouched.

Tomorrow I'll check out some more free museums and then I'm off to William Wallace territory in Stirling

ariosa says:
I hadn't been very excited to see Glasgow initially, either. Everyone at home (and even some friends in Scotland) said it wasn't any great thing. But I loved it, and wished I could have spent more time there!
Posted on: Aug 05, 2008
mellemel8 says:
i will be here in 4 days....YAY:)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
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Carving in garden behind oldest ho…
Carving in garden behind oldest h…
Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
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Pretty window in white chapel in …
Inside basement of Cathedral - ima…
Inside basement of Cathedral - im…
A view of Buchanan St., Glasgow
A view of Buchanan St., Glasgow
Provands Lorship (oldest house) a…
Provand's Lorship (oldest house) …
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