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I started my first day here in a good way - tried out my new running shoes.  Krakow's old center is encircled by a park with good running paths, so I re-introduced my body to running.  It luckily has not completely forgotten.  Yes, I got glares, and yes, I was the only runner (die hards were probably up at 6 a.m.), but luckily I can't understand the language because someone yelled something at me.  Anyway, it's not everyday you go for a jog and run across a castle!

I arrived back at the hostel and found a computer open and so jumped online to check email. The first story that popped up on MSN was that a major bridge in Mpls. collapsed, injuring many and killing some.  I freaked.  It's a bridge I took sometimes, as does just about everyone who lives in Mpls.  My phone was turned off, but I turned it on and texted home to find out so far, no bad news.  Later I found out my mother crossed the bridge just a few hours before on the way home from work.  I don't know, this just stuck in my mind all day.  All of a sudden I felt so far away and helpless, although not that being there would've been any different.  It's just I worry about something tragic like that happening while I'm abroad and unable to get home fast enough.

So I basically walked around Krakow on this beautiful day, thinking about home and worrying.  Not the best way to spend the day.  Luckily I basically planned a "get to know the city walking tour" today before really jumping into things.  I hope to be more focused tomorrow and actually check out the castle I ran into this morning!

darielle says:
What a random and unexpected event, the bridge collapsing. But, really everyone I know is fine. In the great scheme of things the actual event looks worse than it really was. I don't think there will be that many people who die, and the emergency crews were there right away helping people. :) So, it is random and unexpected but I am sure more people died in traffic accidents yesterday.
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007
frankcanfly says:
My prayers go out to you and all MSP residents. What a tragedy, I crossed that bridge last weekend.
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007
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