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My Rummy Buddies and I!

So last night I decided to chill at the hostel and a cute lad pulled up along side me in the common room for a chat.  He was Danish and we started talking about the value in learning other languages, which he knows at least three, and I did nothing to defend the fact it is not pushed more in the States, and that discussion was followed by a geography quiz, me as the quizee if that is a word.  Luckily that was interrupted by his other pals who invited me to join in a card game.  I proposed Rummy, which was to their delight as that was what they were thinking of playing.  Good, even playing field. 

Well, not so much.  First introductions.  It turned out I could pronounce just one of their names, and one said I could just call him Joe.

Terror Museum
  We proceeded to play, letting me deal first, but I already screwed up by tossing aside the Jokers.  See, it was 4 to 1, so their rules prevailed.  All sorts of rules indeed...aside from the Jokers, you weren't allowed to lay down three of a kind, only runs, and the discard pile was stacked so you couldn't see what was in it, you had to just remember, and take up the entire pile if you wanted anything.  Aside from these challenges, I carried on finishing in third, with us playing until the hostel owner decided it was his bedtime, and well, we were sitting on his bed.

This morning I got up and headed out to the Terror Museum, a building which was home to the Nazi and Soviet headquarters during the respective occupations of Hungary.

You can sort of see the plane going under the bridge.
  The all too recent history was revealed in room after room, with the last being the basement with all of the cells and other chambers of unspeakable crimes.  I think I have had a full helping of WWII horrors for this trip.

After that I decided to finally head to Buda, well, at least to the river, where I found an air show.  Planes were flying under the Chain Bridge and doing other loops and such.  There was also a stage where bands were playing and lots of food vendors.   Apparently this weekend is the Danube Festivities.  So I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling, watching people, listening to bands and eventually finding the cheapest beer for a relaxing time on the river's edge. 

Now back at the hostel the Danes are enticing me to play another card game, which I am not familiar with, before we head out for the night. I'm not sure if I can trust them without any base knowledge of the game, but I'm sure it will be fun nonetheless.


bretaye says:
And PS. Find yourself a McDonald's, lady, and eat a cheeseburger. You're getting way too thin on that Eastern European diet. LOVE YOU!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2007
bretaye says:
Ha. I am sure bragging about our Danish ancestry wouldn't have made them go any easier on her Eric.

Hey when you get a chance, on the old side (is that Pest) there is a castle thing with a weird underground maze of halls. They have an underground winery there and also some weird maze tours. You should check it out. Good stuff. I remember there being a funicular railway somewhere around that castle too. Miss you and I am still damn jealous.
Posted on: Aug 20, 2007
scuba_wolf71 says:
did you tell them you were from Danish ancestry? Copenhagen to be exact. The Hansens used to own a jewelry store there. fyi :)
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
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My Rummy Buddies and I!
My Rummy Buddies and I!
Terror Museum
Terror Museum
You can sort of see the plane goin…
You can sort of see the plane goi…
Cool lad throwing one back in the …
Cool lad throwing one back in the…
photo by: Chokk