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Yesterday I jumped on the train to Prague, thinking a quick 4 hour ride wouldn't be so bad.  The first few were fine, although the a/c started to clink out on us so it was busting hot.  We reached an area of Prague right outside town called Liben and stopped.  Just then I decided to check my voicemails to see if the friend I was meeting had made it yet and he left me a message saying he made it, but they had to divert to Amsterdam on the way because someone died on the plane.  As soon as I got done listening to that, all this commotion was happening on the train.  Word spread that we were not going anywhere as there was a train-car collision up ahead blocking the tracks.  So odd!  A gal in our compartment was Czech and basically said we were in the middle of nowhere but then decided to get off and head out, saying good luck.  Nice.  No one running the trains bothered to explain anything of course.  I heard it could be 30 mins or maybe an hour.  I finally talked to a train conductor who advised me to get off since I was in Prague at least. 

Another guy in my car was from NY so I told him we should try to get into the city from here.  We got off and headed to information, where they told us how to get on a tram to catch the metro and on from there. Fine.  However, neither of us had local currency and they didn't have an exchange or an ATM.  He told us about an ATM 500 meters away, which neither of us could comprehend what that meant and set out in the 95 or so degree heat with our bags to no avail.  NY finally thought he'd just jump on the tram and risk having no ticket.  I thought not with my luck.  I insisted we find someone to exchange a few Euros for the local currency as we only needed the equivalent of a dollar to ride the tram.  No one in the station was any help, so back to the stuck train on the tracks.  We arrived and another local was surprised to see us again and we told him our predicament, and he offered up 100 units of currency for 3 euros, which was a good deal for us.  Then we felt rich, we could afford two tram tix and some water! 

We boarded the tram and set off.  My stop was earlier so I bid farewell to NY and then was trying to find my way to the metro.  I can't understand any signs, and only through having navigated various metros in parts of the world was able to figure things out.  I finally made it to my hostel about 2 hours after our train got stopped and met my friend.  I was completely soaked in sweat and exhausted.  Ahh, travel, gotta love it.

We did walk around a bit and checked out the famous Charles bridge.  I plan to stay in Prague a few weeks so I don't have to go like gang busters with the site seeing.  The city is beautiful as everyone has said, so I'm happy to have a place to land for a while.

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photo by: vulindlela