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A German, American and Belgian in front of l'Arc de triomphe (and the picture was taken by an English girl, aren't we acting all international ;-)
Ok what to say about Paris... on the one side it's not my favourite city but on the other hand for some reason I find myself travelling to it quite often. One of the reasons for that is the Thalys and TGV (high speed rail) connections which mean that I can travel by train from my home town to the center of Paris in just over an hour, it really is quite amazing, even though I have done it so many times now I still love speeding through the French countryside at 300 km/h. From Brussels to Paris it's about 90 minutes, not too bad either, it is so much better than travelling by air. From Kortrijk I can be in Paris faster than I can be in Leuven, it boggles my mind. I think I've been to Paris about 10 times now so I won't describe a specific trip, just my general feeling of the city.
Notre Dame

Things I like about Paris
-The museums, especially the Musée d'Orsay, the centre Pompidou, and of course the Louvre, the only drawback is the sometimes huge crowds at the entrance, but since Paris is easily reachable even for just a day trip I prefer to travel off-season, when it's more managable. (Even though it is never "quiet" in Paris of course)
-The arty feel of the city in general, in the better places of paris when the weather is nice and you sit on a terrace drinking some wine and watching people buy books and paintings along the Seine.
-It's probably the closest city that really feels like "travelling" all my problems seem far away when I'm in Paris (not that I have that many to begin with, but still :-)
-The Eiffel Tower, I know it's a bit of a tourist trap, but for some reason it makes me happy every time I see it

Things I dislike about Paris
-Parisians can be a bit bitchy, especially in traffic, but even in shops or other situations they're not exactly the friendliest people, of course there are always exceptions to this rule.
Louvre (these captions are really useful or you would have NEVER recognized it ;)
I've noticed that French people seem to like Belgians though, so it's not as bad as it could be. One french guy once told me that they think about Belgium the way Americans think about Canada. A smaller Northern country, where people speak either another language (or your own but with a funny accent), a place that they often make jokes about, but in the end kind of like.
-The size, it takes you forever to get somewhere, even by metro
-The cost of living, 7 euros for a glass of coke? No thanks!
-People trying to sell you crap wherever you walk, especially bad around the Montmartre
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A German, American and Belgian in …
A German, American and Belgian in…
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Louvre (these captions are really …
Louvre (these captions are really…
Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou
random Parisian parc
random Parisian parc
Me acting as french as possible, 4…
Me acting as french as possible, …
watching the 2005 tour de france p…
watching the 2005 tour de france …
Tour de France, final stage 2005, …
Tour de France, final stage 2005,…
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