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ok so to start off with i was to meet up with a bunch calling themselves "horny weirdo's."

so about seven o'clock, or 19:00 i go to same same bar to see if anyone was there.  the bar is packed as usual, and so i look from face to face to see if i can recognize anyone.  ah i think i found them, a group of people two guys and a girl, they look familiar.  so i wait, i had already ordered food and it arrives, i keep looking to see who else shows up to meet them. an hour goes by, no new people. two hours, no new people.  then i hear a noise at the bar, more noisy people talking loud, laughing, and ordering enough alcohol to dry up a small city.  there are four of them.  then six, oh crap these are the people i planned to meet.

i recognize aiden, sarj, and najia.  ok be cool, go up and just introduce yourself.  it will only take a minute, say hi be polite and leave.  you never have to stay with THESE people.  you'll never have anything in common with them.  look at them, nothing but pretty people, young, skinny, they would surely be polite enough to say hi, but they have nothing in common with you, nor would they want to hang around with you.

so i approach them. say hello and introduce myself. 

i meet matt, lori, aiden, sarj, najia, and ivan. later may more people.  they ask me to have a drink and i explain that i don't normally drink.  we have small talk and then someone (i think matt) suggests that we head to the beach for the pre party.

we head to the beach, now the fun really starts.  a funny thing happens on the way to the beach. i actually like these people. and even stranger yet, they seem to like me.  i feel like the cool kid in school hanging with the in crowd.  i have never been that self concious of myself before, i always made friends where ever i am, but these guys were way younger, thinner, and i don't  usually hangout with people i don't know.  but they take me in, make me feel welcome, and try to make me feel like part of the group.

sometimes your best plans come crashing down

 i never intended to really hang around with these people. all i wanted to do was say hi and go our separate ways.  i had plans, i had ideas of what i wanted to do. 

hind sight now it makes me think of the song "unanswered prayers"   sometimes gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.     

i hoped to go to koh pangan and go to the full moon party, spend the night there, head to chaing mai for songkran, then off to china, laos, and cambodia maybe more. 

never made it to china

never regreted it one moment

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lori and elizabeth
lori and elizabeth
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Koh Phangan
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