They still owe my Mom a $100, but unlike cicadas, New Kids on the Block was worth the 17 year wait.

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I spend many a day working in either the kindergarten room or the 1st grade classroom at the local elementary school.  I get the chance to color, cut, glue, play kickball, eat milk and cookies and enjoy a good story time here to there.  In short, I feel like I'm reliving my childhood on a pretty regular basis. 

Or so I thought.

I got the chance to see the New Kids on the Block a couple days ago.  I had joked around that 28 year old me was going for the 11 year old that had her dreams shattered 17 years ago.  You see, they were having a few shows at Alpine Valley in Milwaukee.  My Mother dropped $100 on tickets for my best friend and I to see them live.  I was that kid that slept under a NKOTB blanket, drooled on their pillow, wore their faces on buttons over a shirt proclaiming my love for 5 guys from Boston, MA.

  I had their action figures, their videos and of course, their cassettes.  They had my heart--and my mother's money.  I'm pretty sure that up to that point, I had never been so excited about anything in my life.  Then they canceled their show and never refunded our ticket money.  My mother still bitches about it to this day.

I was shocked when I found out that they were performing at the Resch Center in Green Bay.  I was in DC last October and happened to be at the Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro when tons of girls were heading up to the Verizon Center dressed in NKOTB gear.  These guys have been on the road for quite some time.  I figured this was as a good a time as any to get a good laugh in.

  I wasn't expecting to enjoy the concert as much as I expected to get a kick out of 5 guys pushing 40+ performing on stage to throngs of girls pushing 30+.  At first I thought my logic to be true.  I couldn't get over all the women in homemade NKOTB shirts and those that spent $35+ on t-shirts (which in my opinion, is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on some cotton.  I didn't even pay that much for the ticket!).  The best though, had to be this 200 lb. plus guy in a pink shirt that said on the back, "Jon, I'm your cover girl."  He was with a girl in the same color pink shirt that professed her love to Jordan.  That's a 4-way I did not want to imagine.  I ended up sitting not too far from this couple and was very shocked to learn that they were making out during the concert and had wedding bands on.
  Jon ended up throwing the guy a sweaty Packer shirt at the end of the night.  I'm willing to wager a lot of money on who he went to bed thinking about!  But yeah, lots of excited women, about 3,200 of them total. 

My sister and sister-in-law found our seats and watched the Jabawockeez, who had won the America's Next Best Dance Crew contest, perform.  They were pretty good.  Then between acts, a friend of mine that was there ditched her seats and headed closer to the stage.  We decided to follow suit and ended up sitting directly right of the stage by one of the elevated platforms.  Damn good seats.  We waited for the show to start.  I was enjoying a 32-ounce beer and still laughing at the thought of seeing the New Kids live.

Cheesiest moment of the concert, and that's even w/three cheese heads thrown on stage.
  Then they came out and all of a sudden I was 11 again.  I was giddy, excited and couldn't believe I was finally going to see them in person.  They opened with "The Right Stuff" and I was singing right along with them.  I discovered I still knew the words to every single one of their songs from their first go-round.  Minus "Summertime" I didn't know the words to their new stuff, but didn't care.  They had performed all of the greats--Cover Girl, Please Don't Go Girl, The Right Stuff, Valentine Girl, Forever, Tonight and ended with Step by Step and Hangin' Tough.  I was on cloud nine by the end of the 2-hour show.  At one point in time Jordan Knight came out for a solo in a white button up shirt.  He unbuttoned it in front of a wind machine and stood there and sang.
  Amidst my laughter I was pleasantly surprised at how fit he was!  Jordan was the one I was in love with in 5th grade.  He was, how did we say it back then...a hunk! 

By the time the concert was over, I realized I wasn't ready for it to end.  Not so much for 11 year old me, but for the current me.  They put on a surprisingly good show, full of energy, a ton of their old songs and new alike, plus there was beer.  I really liked that it was being held at a smaller venue and everyone got the chance to feel involved in the concert.  It was probably one of the better concerts I've been to.  Heck, I'd probably see them live again if given the chance.

So, if you get the chance to see someone from your youth perform, I say do it.  I got the chance to relive my youth and moreso enjoy the present at the same time.  Who knew you could have the best of both worlds?

The rest of the NKOTB Tour (Seriously, these guys are on the road forever!)

p.s...when I was 11 I was totally a Jordan girl all the way.  Now, bring on Donnie:-)  I crack myself up!


azsalsa says:
I felt like I was there with you Kimberly...great review. I was a bit long in the tooth when the NKOTB were popular so unfortunately I couldn't identify with the songs or particular singers but I couldn't help but laugh when I though of seeing someone from my youth perform....they are mostly in their 60s and some are pushing farther than that.....and still they are trying to perform! I think there has to be a cutoff date for dredging up old performers. The NKOTB are still within the target zone but I think the 70s bands and definitely the 60s are waay too old to be prancing around (unless of course you're Mick Jagger....ugly but entertaining). Guess I'll be content to listen to the tunes on my Ipod.
Posted on: Apr 15, 2009
Stelarmod says:
Great job with the review...I had a number of friends that went to the show and they too said they soon were taken back to their teens when the show began. Good job getting photos, too.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2009
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Cheesiest moment of the concert, a…
Cheesiest moment of the concert, …
So I had my sister-in-law record t…
So I had my sister-in-law record …
A cheese crown.
A cheese crown.
One of the cheese heads.  It had t…
One of the cheese heads. It had …
Donnie Wahlbergs ass.
Donnie Wahlberg's ass.
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