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Reagan and I on Blacks Beach Mackay in 2004

My travels started by me booking a bus to the wonderful city of Mackay. I had intended to book on the well known bus line, Greyhound, but upon arriving at the bus station with my Bank Manager all ready to approve the vast amount of money I was to hand over, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was another much cheaper option known as Premier Motor Service, which offered a much more affordable option of travel.


My journey started at 11.05pm, well it was supposed too, but the bus was 30 minutes late. While I was waiting I met a nice young girl from England that was waiting and we started our conversation with where we were headed too. She was also going to Mackay, but then on to Moranbah... which is were I grew up, so this provided us with even more to talk about. She had an Aussie boyfriend that worked out that way and hence she had followed him out there... I knew there had to be a good reason why someone would live out there!!!

The trip was due to be about & 1/2 hours, which was made all the longer by the person who was sitting behind me who, maybe unbeknownst to him had a rather annoying habit of talking to himself... which he did until about 3.30am in the morning when he then fell asleep. I was very tempted at this stage to start talking to him and keep him awake, but I thought better of it and then got a few uncomfortable hours sleep myself.

Once I arrived it was time for me to get ready for the job interview I had come all this way for. I made it there with time to spare and after 15 minutes I was offered the job, I start this coming Tuesday. It's not a great job, but under these tough economic times it is wise to take anything that is on offer. So now the world of takeaway and delivery of Pizzas in Mackay will undergo the pleasure of my company as I start the position of Assistant Manager in a store in
North Mackay.

Next on my agenda is searching for some accommodation. Unfortunately I won't have my own transport for a few weeks, so in the mean time I will go in search of alternative transport, which may well be in the form of the two wheel self propelled means! And I have realised that Mackay is not only a hot town, but it rains quite a bit here also, and not the sort of rain where an umbrella will fend off the light sprinkles, this is hard side ways type rain that will drench you to the core within a few minutes, which has already happened to me twice!!

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Reagan and I on Blacks Beach Macka…
Reagan and I on Blacks Beach Mack…
photo by: ice4swervin