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Haha this is still our excellent trip through England and this is the story of Birmingham. Birmingham was barely a stop on our tour. We spent the night there and got up early to be on our way to Stratford Upon Avon. Well the best laid plans never seem to work for us. We managed to scroung up a taxi but he wouldn't take all of us. Said he couldn't go into the train station with so many passengers. We finally convinced him that it would be okay scrambled into his cab. The agreement was that he would drop one of us off outside and the rest inside. We should have dropped off more than one.. but thats hindsite for you. We realize that he has dropped us off at the wrong station.. thats ok though because its only a block to the correct one.. But as we walk there we don't find our missing friend. We wait and as trains go past become a little anxious. We have no cell phones, we don't know anyone, we are missing one friend.. What do we do??
We we got organized. There was enough of us to do it. One person sat at the station to wait and be a base camp of sorts. Two girls went back to the other station in a search and rescue attempt and another girl went to harass the station attendents to see if we could do an announcement. We do get an announcement across but to no avail. We jumped on anybody who works there to put in a missing person to ask if they've seen a tall asian girl! No avail!! The trains we need are passing us by and we grow more and more anxious..
Finally our friends come running up having found her. She had found out that it was the wrong station and walked to a different one farther down the way and was waiting for us there wondering why we didn't how up. She went back to the main station and happened to see one of our friends there. It was mighty mighty lucky we found her. Not really sure what we would have done if we hadn't. But at least we kept our wits about us.
We eventually got our train and made it to Stratford upon Avon but only had about 3 hours to spend there instead of all day like we had intended..
cmok1224 says:
damn! that was really scary.
but now i laugh as i read your story. you described it perfectly!

i'm so glad we found our tall asian girl friend! hahah
Posted on: May 04, 2007
euphemy says:
That's scary when you think your friend is missing, but thank goodness she was found!
Posted on: Apr 07, 2007
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