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Sally Lunn's
So we had taken a train to Bath in hopes of seeing the bathes. We only had an afternoon to spare there as we needed to be on the train and to our next destination on our trip through England and Scotland. There was 5 girls traveling and we tend to be loud.
It wasn't too surprising when my friend and I got off the train first to look for lockers to stow our backpacks that we heard a commotion behind us. Two of our friends had gotten off the train and left the last girl on the train. She of course had to grab all her belongings and was the last to get off the train.. but by this time the station attendents had closed the doors and she was left by herself on the train. The attendents said the train was leaving and she would have to stay. She didn't want to get left by herself on a train going to who knows where. So she and the other girls are standing on opposite sides of the door yelling at one another.
One side yelling "you have to go to the next station"
The other side yelling "I'm gonna climb out"
This went on for a few minutes until some nice English gentlemen who seemed to believe us out of our wits opened the door for her and let her walk off the train. The train left a few minutes later with her firmly on the station with us and looking slightly silly for not having opened the door and walked out herself.

Alas that was not our only dumb travling experience in England.. for example.. we were there too late to see the bathes.. We missed them all together!

Our next problem happened about an hour or so after this fiasco. We  took a tour around the city and ended up at Sally Lunn's, which is the oldest building in Bath. Its a restaurant where you get the famous Sally Lunn's Buns and tea. Well we went there and we seated.. and about 2 minutes after receiving our teapots full of hot steaming tea one of my friends grazes it accidently, feels how hot it is and pulls her hand back and in doing so pulls the teapot down onto her lap. She got hot water poured all down her leg. Luckily she was wearing jeans as they somewhat obsorbed some of the damage but she burnt her leg. She still has scars to this day. The rest of us ate our buns in stunned silence as they took her and helped her out..
She laughs at it now.. but it was just another great adventure for us girls!

cmok1224 says:
hahaha! i love your rendition of the train story.
remember how su thought i said "time-out" instead of "i'm gonna climb out", as if i could do magic and make time stop.

hahhaa! i just busted myself out!
loved it!
Posted on: May 04, 2007
euphemy says:
Sorry to hear about your friend's burn and not getting to see the baths. That sound like one of my excursions!
Posted on: Apr 07, 2007
WaltJake says:
I remember Sally Lunn's! I'm sorry you missed the Baths, they are pretty cool. Bath is a nice town
Posted on: Apr 05, 2007
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Sally Lunns
Sally Lunn's
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