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Visiting Japan is like getting to live in a sci fi movie.   The city of Tokyo is at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology, with vending machines selling anything you can think of and cars and cell phones that look like they came out of the Fifth Element.   The clothing, the uniforms, it all seems like I am immersed in some action flick and a spacecraft is about land somewhere.

This is possibly my last trip to Japan.  I have really come to love this country.  It is so easy to take the train and get out of the fast moving high pressure cities and into the provincial capitals and countryside that is so unique and interesting.  The culture is so deep and mysterious, with zen temples and Shinto shrines that seem to be somehow hiding the secret of life the universe and everything, if only you stayed for a few lifetimes to study.   In japan, everything has a place - even the trash has to be sorted by recycling type or they won't take it away.

This weekend I think I am going to try and see Mt. Fuji.  It is hard to believe I haven't seen it yet in all my trips, but If I wait any longer I might miss it.

and now for Haiku

A Cherry Blossom
I Search for answers in the east
Mt. Fuji Rises
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