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The long way down to the village

After eating my continental breakfast alone, as there didn’t appear to be any other guests around. They had probably fallen out of bed earlier than I, and were already out an about.   I at last met my hostess; she never actually introduced herself but was pleasantly efficient all the same.  I was also required to do the usual check-in formalities, produce my passport and stuff, but this entitled me to ski for seven days at the price of six, for which she gave me a little note to produce at the ski pass office.  Speaking mainly in German we managed to have several ‘chats’ over the period of my stay and she did ‘grow’ on me as the time went on.

I had already decided not to ski for the first day or so, and explore the area, which was just as well as I was not in a position to get a pass until at least Monday now.  The guesthouse although situated in a spectacular position with a fantastic view of the town and the valley is a good twenty minute walk from the village, so I think it is likely I will lose a little weight this week.

I spent the rest of my day just ambling around the town, which although quite compact has some pretty formidable hills to climb getting from one place to another.  The weather was overcast with odd, moody looking clouds, but I still managed to take few quite interesting photographs; well I think so anyway.

I eventually settled in a coffee shop called ‘Bar Haiti’, don’t ask me why, but it was to become one of my favourite places to enjoy a coffee.  I practised my limited Italian much to the amusement, or was it exasperation of the waitresses?  It was afternoon so a double espresso was in order; latte and cappuccino are considered morning or even breakfast drinks in Italy.  Probably the most well fed guests at the coffee shop were a gang of sparrows that hopped about the floor, tables and chairs mopping up any crumbs that had been left by the more fussy guests.  I was also eventually tempted to try the hot apple strudel served with cream and not vanilla sauce thank you very much.............. yummy.  The Euro really is the king of the currencies at the moment, I went to the tourist information office to use the internet, and was charged €2 for fifteen minutes, it then took nearly ten for my email to load up!  I resolved not to use this option again unless it was an absolute emergency.

I had also been forced to purchase a few ‘essential’ items so my budget was already a little tighter; I therefore went off in search of cheap but satisfying dinner.  I had seen an ‘après ski’ bar called ‘Siglu’ which had a barbecue going outside, although the sight of the chef tearing the meat with his hands was a little off putting, the toilet was only a few yards away, the aroma of the cooking meat was heavenly.  However I decided upon a small pizza shop, which actually appeared to be its name.  It was basically a takeaway, but did have a table to eat inside, and was tucked away down a side street.  A real treasure of a find, I ordered a panzarotto with proscuitto and mozzarella which I wolfed down, as I was quite ravenous by now.  At only €3 absolutely great, and this was also to become one of my favourite places to eat even after I had got my card problem resolved.  The owner was in fact from Pakistan, (although he said he was Indian) originally from The Punjab, and has lived here for four years, able to converse in English, Italian and German as well as his native tongue, and he runs a pizza shop.

I returned to my room and opened a bottle of red wine, which was one of the essentials I had purchased earlier, watched a little German television and so ended my first full day in Val Gardena.

The following day found it snowing almost all day and sometimes very heavily, this should be a good sign as if it was snowing like this in the valley, it was going to be really heavy on the higher slopes.  There was also a heavy shroud of clag creeping its way around the valley, not a day for a fair weather adventurer like myself to set foot out of the door, so I didn’t!  I had a very chilled out day, just ‘hung around’ the digs making a nuisance of myself, getting under the owners feet, watching some more German television to revise my language skills, trying to recall that which is long past my powers of recollection.  However I persisted, making use of some ‘flash’ cards I had brought along and read a little from the book I had brought ‘The Mystery of Mallory and Irving’.  I only left the Pension because my resolve to go on hunger strike waivered and I was forced visit the pizza shop for dinner, but that was the extent of my exertions for the day, well I wouldn’t want to overdo it and shoot my bolt too early!

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
wow I'm impressed great imagination, I hope you enjoyed the smells and tastes ;)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2009
wanderlustbohemian says:
Yes, yes, you do have a way with the prose. I can actually visualize, smell, ha even taste your adventure! I enjoyed ...Ciao
Posted on: Apr 23, 2009
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
Thank you M'dam ;)
Posted on: Apr 12, 2009
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The long way down to the village
The long way down to the village
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Might as well clean your snowshoe…
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I always bump into a TB wherever …
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A table for one please.
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A little bird told me.
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior