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this is what I came for!

A quick and quiet breakfast and then I picked up all my kit, backpack, skis and boots and headed down to the Seceda cable car station.  I was forced to walk as the ski bus stopped operating throughout the resort the previous day, and now only continued to run in the valley.  I sorted out a locker to leave my skis and boots in each day, to prevent me having to traipse back and forth with them daily, left my skis to get a waxing and visited the ski pass office.   The female assistant there was very easy on the eye, but whilst efficient she pointedly refused to engage me in any form of conversation, although I did try, the usual small talk but to no avail.  I guess she just thought I was ‘hitting’ on her and I’m not her type, or she found me boring; perish the thought.   Still it wasn’t going to spoil my day.   The strength of the all conquering Euro was again evident as my seven day ticket cost nearly twice as much as last time I was here two years ago, and my ticket was for ten days then, curse exchange rates!

I collected my now freshly waxed skis, and clambered into the first available cable car, smearing a generous portion of factor 15 on during the journey up to the middle station.  It is a little disconcerting that the first thing that you get to see from the cable car is the town cemetery, however pretty it may look!  Frustratingly I had to catch another cable car to the top before I could actually put on my skis and ‘strut my stuff’ on the pistes, but all good things come to he who waits ............. who said that, Guinness I think?  I’m still not convinced.

The skies were full of big bulbous cumulus clouds but the sun shone through regularly.  The snow was already beginning to melt, and I was so excited I almost lost my balance first turn, now that would have been embarrassing.  I quickly adapted to the conditions and enjoyed a great day of spring skiing.  I crossed over into St. Christina and from there Selva Wolkenstein, there are a great many mountainside huts but I didn’t stop at any: lunch is for wimps!  By mid-afternoon though the snow was really beginning to melt quite badly, it was a bit like skiing on a giant slush puppy.  Things weren’t going to get any better so I headed back to Ortisei, taking the ski route into town which really was like skiing through porridge.  The off-piste skiing must be horrendous at the moment.

Having survived the descent I found a place which was still catching the sun and ordered a Frappaccino.  It was the terrace of the Hotel Geziana, and I now have two favourite coffee shops, depending on the weather conditions.  The waiter was very formally dressed in dinner suit and bow tie, I think it must have been pretty warm and maybe a little over the top for serving coffee and tiramisu.  A great place for enjoying a nice cold drink, reading a book and absorbing the last rays of the sinking sun though.

I grabbed a couple of pizza slices from the little shop and headed back up the hill to my digs, by the time I got there I reckon I had already burnt off the calories from the first slice!

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this is what I came for!
this is what I came for!
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior