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I want to wake up to this view everyday

After having the last breakfast and settling my bill, it was time to make my way to catch the bus back to Bergamo.  You may remember that I had some bus problems on arrival, and in the two weeks that I have been here I have not been able to change the pick-up point, long story.  I therefore had to make a journey to Selva Wolkenstein to catch that bus, this wasn’t that difficult or inconvenient and I was there ten minutes before the bus was due to leave.  I waited around an hour and when there still was not any sign of the bus I called the company office in Bolzano.  This was the first time I had actually managed to get somebody to answer, so I was taken aback from the start.  I was amazed to hear that the bus had left without me at 9.35am, my ticket stated 9.45am, the representative called the bus driver, and he had picked up the only passenger that was supposed to be on the bus apparently.  I reaffirmed that I had a valid ticket for today at 9.45am, “why did the passenger get on the bus then” she said, “we only have one passenger booked!”  I explained I did not have any idea why they had got on the bus but it was not my problem and I was now stuck in Selva.

She seemed completely at a loss as to what to do about any of this, the bus was already at Bolzano, so turning around was not really realistic.  I eventually asked her if there was another bus that day, she confirmed there was at 2.35pm, I agreed to catch this one, but she was to make absolutely certain that the bus did not go without me this time.

This meant that I had around four hours to kill in the lovely resort of Selva Wolkenstein.  The weather was perfect, the sky that lovely shade of azure blue that seems reserved only for postcards and the scenery simply stunning.  Selva is in fact one of the founding members of the self-importantly named ‘Leading Mountain Resorts of the World’ group.  A group, which includes such amazing places as Queensland, New Zealand, Banff, Lake Louise, Canada and Saas Fe, Switzerland.  Names to saviour, and indicates the quality of this village that it is considered worthy of inclusion on such an illustrious list.

My delay had therefore turned out a little fortuitous, although I was limited as I was ‘chained’ to my baggage and would probably pay for it later when arriving in Milan and needing some accommodation.  Now though, I would make the most of it, and simply enjoyed chilling around the main square, soaking up the sun and enjoying the facilities of the excellent coffee houses surrounding the square.

I started with a latte machiatto in Cafe Oswald as that was being bathed in sunshine at present.  Whilst I was there 11am was welcomed in by some exuberant bell ringing from somewhere, which immediately attracted the attention of any children within earshot and their imagination soon followed suit when they discovered what was making all the noise.  One of the buildings across from the cafe had some small hand carved and painted figurines circling around at the top of the building.  It was like a giant mixture between a cuckoo clock and an old fashioned weather station, and very cute, the children were transfixed throughout the performance.

I then retired to the square for awhile and waited for the sun to hit the patio of the Cafe des Alpes.  This takes until around 12.30pm, and the place does not seem to have any customers until then.  Once the shade has gradually retreated from the intensity of the steadily rising sun however, the tables soon fill up.  I ordered an Aperol Spritze, which would be my last for some time and later had a double espresso, reading a little of my book.  I paid my bill and moved to the bus stop, staking my place on the nearby bench, intending not to give the bus any chance of leaving without me this time.

  The bus arrived on time however, I loaded my bag onto the luggage compartment and proceeded to board the bus, at which point the driver got all ‘heated’ about my daypack.  This is not the first time this has happened and was not to be the last either.  I assured him it had my laptop in it and I would not be leaving it anywhere, it was going with me, this is the stance I had maintained throughout.  I explained this to the accompanying escort too, and also reaffirmed that I had already had to wait five hours for this bus, and was not very pleased.  She repeated this to the driver and he gave up, exasperated.  I am not sure what the problem with my bag is, as I said I have experienced it on a number of occasions, and would again later on the shuttle bus to Milan.  The buses have never been full, and there are always spare seats, so I really do not see the issue, or maybe it is just the rebel coming out in me!

On arrival in Milan, after grabbing a quick bite to eat, which I confess was a McDonalds, as I have said before; when in Rome, or in this case Milan!  I then had to find some accommodation, and with a combination of looking around and a friend checking the internet and communicating to me by mobile phone I was able to find a free bed in Hotel Garda which was less than two hundred metres from the Central Station, cool eh?

I had tried to rebook in at the Piero Rotta Hostel, but the huge place was full!  This room is a little bit more plush than my last one, but the view did not come even close in comparison.  It was a bit of a swanky hotel, I would not have paid the usual price for this room, which was €160, but as I had booked last minute I got it at the bargain price of €50, bonus!

It was extremely hot in there though, the thermostat was turned completely off and the radiator was also off, so there was not a thing I could do about it, but open the window, it probably had all the heat from the other five floors rising to here.  Yes I am on the sixth floor, and without the aid from supplemental oxygen, I keep getting nose bleeds and had to return to reception for awhile to acclimatise.  Eventually though I did get to sleep, due to the heat without the use of the bed sheets, so I hope the maid does not come in unannounced in the morning, or we will both have an awful shock, especially as the maid turned out to be male!

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I want to wake up to this view eve…
I want to wake up to this view ev…
One for the kids
One for the kids
This will be the place for coffee …
This will be the place for coffee…
Selva Wolkenstein
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