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Pretty at night, isn't it?

I enjoyed another leisurely breakfast, with nobody in particular talking to me, maybe it is the language barrier, but all the little groups seem very insular.  Continental breakfasts can also become a bit boring if there are not any changes made to the choices available, the same bread rolls, the same meat, the same cheese, yoghurt and muesli, the only options for a little variety are that you can choose a different jam and/or speciality tea each day!  Oh, I did almost forget the prunes, which are available every day, no jokes about regularity please!  However it does sustain, I suppose.

The sun is out, but it is a hazy strangely cautious type of sun, as if playing hide and seek behind a curtain of clouds.  It is however rapidly melting the snow, which has already disappeared in many places.

The majority of today was spent getting my affairs in order, so that I could actually do a little of what I had come here for ............... skiing!  After a number of calls to my bank I discovered they had already shipped a replacement card to me by courier, so I had to return to the guesthouse, where it was waiting as predicted.  I then had to call them again and have the card ‘authorised’ and this has already taken up a large proportion of the day.  I was however eventually successful and able to withdraw some much needed funds from a cash machine.  Hurrah I can eat tonight!  I spent an hour or so reading at Bar Haiti, sipping on a couple of glühweins/vin bruleès (spiced warm red wine), sharing my time with my friends the sparrows and exasperating the waitresses further in persisting to murder their beautiful Italian language.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the Italians especially the ladies drink an orange coloured drink, which I assume is alcoholic and is served with ice and a slice of fruit.  I guess it must be refreshing, I’ll find out what it is and try one soon.  The day had by now clouded over, but remained bright.

After a double espresso I headed back to the Pension for a shower and change of clothing before returning to pizzeria Erica for dinner.  I treated myself to a Tiroler Rostbraten mit zwiebeln (Steak and onions); yes it sells more than pizza!  I accompanied this with a side salad and carafe of red wine; it was only a small carafe I assure you!  Afterwards I requested an Irish coffee, but my order was misunderstood and to my amusement received an espresso.  The waitress and chef didn’t have any conception of what an Irish coffee was and I had to provide them with a recipe, which the chef assured me he would make next time.  The waitress did offer to replace the espresso, but it was fine with me.  I also received an impromptu Italian lesson as I asked them to explain a couple of things I do not understand.  Just a couple of things, which was just as well, as if I’d have asked everything I didn’t understand I would still be there next year!

I made my way back to the Pension, which incidentally made it three times today I had journeyed up and down this hill.  On the way back I had a pleasant surprise though as I was walking past some bushes on the raised area on the other side of the road I heard some rustling.  I stopped dead in my tracks and suddenly a weasel like animal appeared.  I think it was a pine martin, although I’m not sure they live in Italy, I’ll have to check.  It was certainly too big for a weasel or stoat, and the fur too light for a mink.  It was a magic moment as it did not seem to realise I was there for some time, and I was able to remain still and quiet, spellbound, able to watch it for over a minute.  It was not until it dropped down onto the road that it became aware of my presence and then clambered back up the roadside wall and scampered off again into the undergrowth.  I have since checked up, and they do in fact live over here, so I may just have seen my first ever European pine martin.

I went to bed very content, thinking all was well in the world, and ready for a slightly earlier start in the morning so I could get out to the ski pass office, and then onto the pistes at last.

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Pretty at night, isnt it?
Pretty at night, isn't it?
This slope was covered in snow jus…
This slope was covered in snow ju…
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior