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Hotel Genziana (sunshine cafe)

Ok, so not exactly the circus, but it certainly livened up this sleepy little hollow; there are more people in town today that I think I’ve seen in the whole two weeks I have been here!  The sun has also come out to see what all the fuss was about so it promises to be another perfect day in paradise.  Breakfast has been the now customary quiet one, and the original meat has made a welcome return, did you note just a hint of sarcasm?  As I walked into town I was aware that there seemed to be a great deal of spring cleaning going on, as there had been yesterday for that matter.  Gardens were being tidied, and bushes and trees were being given a trim, everything in general was being given a bit of a makeover.

I decided to have a wander up the track that leads to the Alpe di Suisi, but it turned out to be a little more than a short walk, so by the time I had returned the market was all but packed up and the town had almost returned to its more familiar and relaxed image.  I ambled aimlessly around for awhile and took a few photographs of my favourite spots.

I also made the short trip to the cemetery, which maybe not everybody’s idea of a bit of holiday sightseeing, but some can be really lovely, and always so tranquil, add to that being set in an area of stunning beauty, and they can be well worth a visit.  This one definitely ticks all those boxes, probably the prettiest cemetery I have ever visited, I know that makes me sound really macabre and ghoulish.  There were a few people around so I was careful to be respectful, unobtrusive and certainly not invade anybody else’s privacy.  You can see from the photographs how close it is to the cable car station is though.

I have seen a few familiar faces in the town today, my Punjabi friend from the pizza shop and the chef from pizzeria ‘Erica’ who was with his wife (who is one of the waitresses) and his kids.  The all greeted me, I almost feel like a local now!

I tried to review the pictures and write this entry whilst enjoying an eiscaffe at the sunshine cafe, but it was living up to its name and I could not see a thing on my laptop screen.  So here I am in the Seceda bar, having another of those Aperol Spritze, isn’t life tough?  All the staff have been saying ‘ciao’ I feel even more like a local.  The Seceda is especially busy this evening, more in here than I have ever seen, I suspect it has a little to do with Easter weekend.  Most are young girls around sixteen or so, chatting and sharing a drink between three or four of them, the staff are cool with this.  I can think of many a bar back home where they would be less than happy at this state of affairs, in fact in some they would probably have be asked to drink up and leave!

I will pick up my ski boots in a minute and hand in my locker key, so that I can get my €5 deposit back, and then head off back to the Garni to pack, shower and change.  I am probably going to have a last visit to pizzeria ‘Erica’ tonight, I quite fancy that Alpina pizza again, but then again I might have to try somewhere completely different, decisions, decisions!

In fact I did go to ‘Erica’ and I did have an Alpina pizza, I must be more predictable than I thought.  The place was not too busy and afterwards the chef asked me if I wanted an Irish coffee, well not quite but I knew what he meant.  I laughed and agreed, asking him if he wanted me to show him how it was made, this time he laughed and agreed.  I got behind the counter and explained and demonstrated the art of liqueur coffee making, much to the amusement of the staff and the bemusement of the remaining guests, who must have been wondering what the hell was going on.  The chef gave me my coffee free as a gift and we sat and had a chat for awhile afterwards when the remaining guests had departed, it seems that after this weekend it will be extremely quiet in the town for about two months.  His wife would have to stop working there for awhile or he would need to lay off his other waitress.  It seems even paradise poses problems for those that live there.  I took a stroll down to ‘Vinotheque’ and ordered a glass of St Magdalener, read my book and received a few more lessons in correct pronunciation, I really think they enjoy playing school teachers, but it was soon time to return to the digs and complete my packing.

As I think back on the couple of weeks I have been here, I realise that this really is one of those gems of a place that you find every now and then.  The pace of life is unhurried here, except for some of the drivers, and most people are friendly and welcoming, except for some of the drivers!  It is of course extraordinarily beautiful, and I am sure that this is equally true during the other seasons as it is in Winter/Spring.  It has that ‘feel good’ factor, it is serene and this seems to ‘wash’ over you and imbibe you with a calmness of your own.  All the everyday problems of normal life seem a very long way away from here.  The valley seems to be a little behind the rest of the world, and that is in no way meant to be a derogatory comment; on the contrary, it is a compliment.  There is some development in all the villages, but this seems well controlled and in keeping with the existing buildings, and the spirit and general ‘feeling’ of the place.  I have felt welcome wherever I have been, enjoyed some laughs and when possible some decent conversation.  My poor linguistic skills have been more than tolerated everywhere.  This is not my first time here, however this time, even though I am, or maybe because I am on my own it has felt a little bit more special.  I could very well see myself living in a place very much like Selva Val Gardena.  Leaving here will be more of a wrench than usual, but of course that will ensure that returning is that extra bit special.

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
I can definately recommend it Kathy, don't wait too long.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2009
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Hotel Genziana (sunshine cafe)
Hotel Genziana (sunshine cafe)
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