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15th row?? don't think so, hehehe
Despite the stops we arrived to Piura earlier than expected, yay! We were at the bus station around 4:30pm and our plane was leaving at 6, so we had plenty of time. Ok, now go to the airport. When my friend went to pick up his surfboard he found a non so pleasant surprise. They storaged veggies and fish next to it and apparently some fish smashed there, pffff. There was a stain on the case, but it wasn't the worst. The worst was that that stain was smelly, aghhhhhh.

We took a cab to the airport and before checking in the board, he cleaned the stain. Well, at least he tried, hehehe. Well, we still had some time before going to the gate. We should be there at 5:30pm. We didn't have lunch, so we decided to go to a small restaurant at the entrance of the airport. The airport here is really small and it has a cafeteria, but we were in the mood for a cebiche - always in the mood for a fresh and tasty cebiche.

At the end we didn't get the cebiche. There was a lack of communication and the lady didn't understand we ordered the food. It was almost 5:30pm when we left the restaurant. We didn't have food, but we got some liquid element ;).  When we arrived to the gate, there was no people there. We were the last ones, hahaha. Our seats were at 15th row, but since the 5th was empty we decided to sit there. If somebody showed up, we'd move, if not... hehehe.

And nobody did, hehehe. Well, we were just 1:10hrs apart from Lima. I love my Lima, but wasn't looking forward to go back to real world...

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15th row?? dont think so, hehehe
15th row?? don't think so, hehehe
photo by: Paulovic