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home for the last 2 nights... lovely but don't like the rooster!!!
And it happened again... I was sleeping so good, when I was woken up at 4:30am by the rooster, followed by parrots and even dogs this time, OMG! The whole zoo was released, hahaha. Nevermind, it wouldn't have taken so long to sleep but I have been almost eaten by mosquitos during the whole night, pffff. All I was thinking about was scratching... Lesson 1: never go to Mancora without a good repellent.

Finally, I fall asleep again and I got up around 8am. This time we didn't forget to have breakfast at the hotel, hahaha. They gave us juice, coffee or tea and bread w/ jam and/or butter. I don't eat bread, so my friend got more bread, hahaha. He still had some hopes that he'd be able to find waves this time, but... I was just taking care of my business aka sunbathing, when I met Pedrito again. We were chatting when he told me he noticed I was really tan. Lesson 2: never underestimate the power of the sun here.

My friend came back a bit frustrated because he couldn't find good waves and asked me what I would think about heading to Organos, another beach nearby. I have a friend - actually a colleague from a former job - who lives there and he always told me this place is like a paradise... Ok, let's go there!  I called the guy from the cab who drove us from Piura to Mancora and he would pick up us at 2pm. We had barely time to pack our stuff, checked in and out at the hotel at same time and get ready to head to the next beach, yay!
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home for the last 2 nights... love…
home for the last 2 nights... lov…
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other properties around
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