Back at home, was nice to sleep without worrying about mosquitoes or roosters :)

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my souvenirs, besides the tan of course, hahaha
Before leaving Piura I called the taxi driver, so he would wait for us at the airport. Flight was good and didn't last long at all. We arrived to Lima earlier than expected. It was 7:10pm when we landed. At that time it wasn't still dark in Mancora, but it was dark in Lima. First sign I was back in the big city...

We claimed the surfboard and were ready to leave. Carlos, the taxi driver,  was already there and we were ready to leave. "Hello heavy traffic!!! I didn't miss you, hehehe" But once we reached the highway, the drive was really quick and fast. Although we stopped in Miraflores, where my friend was staying, it didn't take me longer than 40min to be back at home.
got featured, yay! Thank you!!!!

Mom wasn't home. She was in Chimbote, another city. Dad was waiting for me, but not alone Gunther was looking forward to see me too, hahaha. Well, when dad saw me he just said: "estas negra! (you are brown!" Me: "Hey! nice to see you too, hahaha". We were chatting for a while and then I went to unpack. I was ready to go to bed early and this time without mosquitoes around me, yay!

I took many pics, but not too many, unless with me on them, hehehe. I could barely wait to download them and ulpoad them on TB. Also I was thinking about writing about this trip. I like to share my experiences, hehehe. Well, I have to be honest, before going to bed I checked TB and my mail... I can stay away from my "addiction" for long periods of time, oooops!

Mmm, north has been such a relaxing experience. I know where to go when I'm looking for peace and sun :)
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my souvenirs, besides the tan of c…
my souvenirs, besides the tan of …
got featured, yay! Thank you!!!!
got featured, yay! Thank you!!!!
photo by: rsvpme