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Friday was a half day, which made things kind of crazy as all the periods were shortened and the day seemed gone before it started.  After school, I went with Lek to her mom’s shop to try on my dress again.  She changed the whole top and not the way I wanted it.  We decided that the fabric was too stiff for what I wanted so she was going to start over.  Someone is supposed to bring it by school on Wednesday for me.  Hopefully, it is right this time since I leave on Friday for Borneo.  I’m just thinking positively about it.


After the dress I went to the train/bus station to see what I could find for the weekend.  You know they aren’t very helpful in just picking a random place for you!  I didn’t really know where I wanted to except for south.  Everyone else was either saving money by staying in town, or had plans with their significant others so I went by myself.  I decided I would go to Koh Chang for the weekend.  I needed to take a bus from Ekkamai, a different bus station, so I headed there to try to get a ticket.  It only takes about 6 hours on the bus so I figured I’d leave in the morning.  When I got to the bus station the morning busses were sold out, but there was one leaving at midnight, which worked out perfectly.  After getting my ticket, I met up with Debra for dinner and to see Fast and Furious 4.  After the movie, she dropped me off at the bus station.


The bus ended up only taking 4.5 hours.  I waited for a little bit at the bus station before catching a songtaw to the ferry.  Once on Koh Chang I took a taxi to where I thought I wanted to go.  I found a dive shop that I liked and set up a dive for Sunday morning.  He recommending a place called Siam Cottage down the road a little.  I wanted to try to find a place a little cheaper, but that didn’t work so I ended up at Siam Cottage.  It was a great little place off the road a little and on the beach.  It has two rows of cottages facing each other with a restaurant and private beach.  I got settled in and headed for the sand.  I had initial intentions of going on an elephant trek (chang means elephant in Thai) or to the waterfalls, but then opted for the sand, the water, my book, and some napping time!  That night I had dinner at the cottage and then headed to the road to find a good massage place.  I treated myself to a fantastic massage and then a chocolate ice cream cone on the way back.  I sat on the porch of my cottage and read my book until I was ready to go to sleep.

Sunday morning I was up early to go diving with Scandinavian Diving.  Some people had cancelled on our boat, so we joined another boat, BB Diving.  We did two dives.  Our first dive was at “Pinnacle” where we saw a triggerfish, suckerfish, angelfish, barracudas and some great coral.  It was all along different rocks that we could swim between.  Our visibility was endless and it was amazing!  Then we headed to small beach to relax and have lunch.  After lunch we headed to Koh Tong Lang for our second dive.  The current was a little stronger here, but we saw a six-banded angelfish, sea cucumbers, giant kelp, yellow striped snapper, and vase coral. Again, our visibility was phenomenal!  After our second dive we headed back to the dock and back to our bungalows.  I planned to go to the main road for seafood BBQ but by the time I got up, I was too exhausted.  I had dinner at the cottage and read my book on the porch.  I finish Eat, Pray, Love, which I really enjoyed.  I started a new book called Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.  It is great so far and I’m looking forward to time when I can sit and read some more.

Monday morning slept in and then got a manicure and a pedicure.  I started to make my way back to the ferry, which was quite the experience.  Since it was a long weekend and some of the ferries take cars, there was a lot of traffic on the two- lane road.  Since our lane wasn’t moving, the taxi driver (and many other cars) thought they should go in the next lane, which of course blocked traffic coming on the island.  After awhile we found out it wasn’t that far down the hill and decided to walk.  (The taxi’s are all songtaws so there are a lot of people on one.)  I made it back to the ferry with plenty of time and almost made it back to the mainland before the rain came.  About five minutes before docking it started to torrential downpour!  Luckily there were some places with coverage where we waited our the rain- about six minutes.  I hopped in a songtaw back to the bus station to head back to Bangkok. 

The weekend was perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better or more relaxing.  I got to hang out on the beach and do nothing one day and dive the other, exactly what I said I wanted to do.  I find it interesting how sometimes when familiar faces surround us we can feel so alone, but when completely alone we can feel so together.  It’s a unique sensation.

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Koh Chang
photo by: Kju