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Here I will share our itinerary, but I'm sure I will elaborate throughout:

Friday, 20th:

  • Eurostar (met Tyler, Phil, Brian, Eric, Micah)
  • 3 hour tour of Paris: saw Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées
  • Ate dinner
  • Boat ride, Eiffel Tower
  • Bed

Saturday, 21st:  (Summer Solstice!)

  • Breakfast
  • Me, Abby, Mary, Chris, Megan, Kortney, and Emily went to Montmartre and saw the painters. One of my most favorite parts. And I regret not buying an original piece while I was there. Truly regret that.
  • Ate lunch and then to Notre Dame
  • Took a walk outside ND and sat by the River Seine - truly beautiful! Heard local musicians playing music around the river.
  • The Louvre (Mary fell in the fountain, then a box in his boxers jumped in after her... haha!)
  • Met guys at 7ish, went to Hard Rock
  • Then the "Celebration of Music". It was truly amazing!! Robbie Williams was one of the performers. We sat in the grass, sang, danced, had a truly magnificant time. Not to mention that the Eiffel Tower looked stunning! Maybe one of the most fun nights that I've ever had! (below is a press release I found to tell a little more about the sparkling tower!)
  • Back on the Tube at 3:30am!!!



- The Tower to Glitter For the First Day of Summer
Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë will be the guest of honor for the ''Celebration of Music'', an annual event held on June 21, the first day of summer. From the Champ de Mars below the Eiffel Tower, the Mayor of Paris and Jean-Bernard Bros (president of the Tower operating company, SNTE) will inaugurate the Tower’s new lighting at 23h30. For the occasion, the Eiffel Tower will sparkle all night long, showing off its new lighting installation.

Get your ring-side seat at the École Militaire end of the Champ de Mars garden.

A Nightly Event: The Glittering Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower will once again sparkle each hour on the hour for ten minutes, from dusk until 2 am (1 am in winter). This new lighting fixture is coupled with the gold-toned lighting system in place since 1986 for maximum effect.
But for the inauguration celebration, the gold lighting will shut down for ten minutes allowing the glowing diamond-sparkles to perform a new magical presentation sure to enthrall the enthusiastic crowds below.

An Installation as ''Grandiose'' as the Monument!

• A lighting system built to last ten years
• 25 mountain climbers needed for the 5-month installation
• 20,000 special light bulbs (5,000 per side) attached one at a time
• 40 kilometers of strings of light and electrical cords
• 40,000 joints and 80,000 various metallic parts weighing 60 tons
• 230 enclosed lighting fixtures and electrical boxes
• 10,000 m2 of safety nets
• 120 kilowatts of power
• Budget total: 4.55 million euros

Sunday, 22nd:

  • Breakfast
  • Abby, me, and Mary went to the top of th Arc de Triumph, and had crepes on the Champs-Élysées
  • Concord Fountains
  • Latin Quarter (lunch, ice cream, bridge)
  • Nap time!
  • Eurostar back
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photo by: Sweetski