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The last stop on the D Train: Coney Island

Around 11am, we decided to board the D train all the way down to the end of Brooklyn, Stillwell Ave exit to be exact. Not knowing the current status of the weather, we figured the best thing to do was go shopping for some long sleeve clothing. We made a quick stop near the 42nd St exit in Times Square to go see if there was anything that we could find useful for our excursion.

I wanted to go into the Champs and the Quiksilver store next to it to buy a small bag that would replace the one that I lost back in Spring. After we bought all of our necessities, we boarded the D train all the way down to Stillwell. While passing through the neighborhood, it was easy to notice the differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Nathan's Hot Dog stand in Coney Island.
There was a sense of destitution in the area that made passing through it seem really depressing.

It took about 30 minutes on train to get to where we wanted to go. Because we wanted to make sure we got off on the right stop, we checked to see if all the trains got off on the right stop. Since we weren't really going anywhere, we got off and started making our way downstairs. Coney Island in Brooklyn... on any day it looks beautiful. I wish I could say the same for the surrounding neighborhood.

Of course Nathan's Hot Dogs holds the famous Hot Dog eating competition in Coney Island, and that was pretty much what we were there for in the first place. We crossed one major intersection that looked like the scene from Training Day where Denzel got shot up. Literally, it scared the crap out of me.

Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, New York.
Especially since there was this beatup old Ford Pinto parked across the block with a black guy that was giving me the maddog look. Anyway, we were here to try to world's greatest hot dog.

It seems that I couldn't match Kobayashi's 53 1/2 to my 3 hot dogs. I took a picture of that wall of fame, and as you can see... no one can hold a match to that guy's records.

Anyway, we took a stroll through New York's famous Brighton Beach. It was really solemn and quiet, and most of Coney Island was closed down... but I figure that since we have to leave on the weekend, there's really no good day to check this place out. (since it operates only on weekends) Bad thing for me... no topless sunbathers or fun games. Overall, we spent about an hour there.

It was a tiring train ride back to Manhattan, but we figure since we have so much free time to kill, we should take a look at the Time Warner Center.

Most of our day was spent shopping and sightseeing. Next thing on our list was to try some of New York's famous pizza.

We kind of overslept till 10pm, so getting anything around this time is pushing it... so we took the train down to Times Square to get some pizza. Obviously we didn't do any research before hand about some of the city's famous pizzerias... so we ended up getting some really crappy pizza. The review will be posted, but I will let you know what I thought about it. I couldn't settle for it, so I made sure to go to a pizzeria the next day. In the meantime, I managed to do some souvenir shopping with Karen until it got to midnight.

Around this time I was probably watching the Warriors on TNT laying it down mercilessly on the Phoenix Suns.

pinchora says:
oh Coney Island...RIP going to be a Condominium next year with the cyclone wizzing by it!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2007
superduperfantastic says:
Coney Island photos bring back such great memories... :)
Posted on: May 16, 2007
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