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Healthcare in Bangui is an absolute nightmare - especially for an American. If you are lucky enough to be from the EU, you're set, as the French Embassy has a clinic with a couple of doctors who will take a look and treat you. If you're a child, there is a near-state-of-the-art pediatric hospital there as well. You'll notice it since it's the nicest building in the whole country.

I was pretty sick while I was there, and I tried 3 times to be seen at the French Embassy. You would think the Hippocratic Oath would mean something to them, but I guess that's just an American thing. The lady there was so rude and told me there was no amount of money I could pay to be seen. However, I did learn that they have it in their "international contract" to see STAFF from the American Embassy (of which there were 3, now 4). Luckily one of the doctors there from Cameroon saw me in her home and I gave her a decent fee for helping me.

At least medicine is easy to find there. You'll find malaria medicine there that you can't get in the states. They know how to treat all levels of malaria with ease, whether it be with the pills for low titer, or a quinine drip for high titer malaria.

There is one laboratory in the country called Institute Pasteur. There's usually a line out the door and results can take up to a week. The tests cost quite a bit though and I kind of wonder what level of quality it is, but it sure beats the alternative which is death from lack of information! ;)
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photo by: Bluenose