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I left Michigan to go to Missouri for school and to see what the world had to offer.  Missouri didn't sound like a terrible place regardless of my father's consistent attempts on the pun "Missouri loves company...."  Yeah, yeah, dad, I get it he, heh.  sigh.

I decided on Missouri for a host of reasons...one of them being I'm the oldest and have an itch to blaze some trails, I guess.  Where better to do that than in a state that Sooners and Route 66 alike would travel through??  And hey, Branson is a pretty interesting place to be near...so I hitched a ride with my high-school pal and set my sights on the Show-Me State.  That summer Comet Hale-Bopp was sailing through the evening skies and my favorite band was a toss up between DC Talk and Jars of Clay (yes, I was one of Those). 

For the first 3 or 4 years of living on Glenstone, I must admit I was in a bubble.  No car, a campus job (worked in the ceramics hall mixing glazes and cleaning clay dust off everything) and a Taco Bell across the street made any travel off campus a well planned field trip.  I went to Battlefield Mall maybe 2-3 times in those formative years of scholarship; campus jobs don't afford you much spending money.  By my first senior year, I was convinced that maybe it was time to try on the rest of Springfield as an actual, self-sufficient town.  I worked in one of its many, MANY Chinese restaurants-Chinese Chef on Sunshine & Enterprise.  When I outgrew my britches there, I moved on to DiGiacinto's Restaurant -down the street from the Bass Pro Shop on Campbell Ave. 

While working for Sam, I would learn of Maria's seafood tacos, the music shop on 440 South St. (how perfect is that??), and my favorite hole in the wall bar: Culley's.  I'm not sure, but I think they may have lost their liquor license since I left, which is a real shame.  Many happy memories happened there: singing with Alan Ross who would later get hitched to Liz Valentine or having my first shot ever there....yep, good times.

Springfield also mirrored the population density of my hometown of Taylor so there wasn't too much culture shock.  It's right in the Ozark mountains but there isn't as much elevation gain as there would be in Colorado Springs.  Those "mountains" are probably the real reason I would get out of bed on Sundays to go to James River; very pretty sunrises and, I'd imagine, more effective than all those sermons.  Thinking back on it now, Springfield is a good place to grow up a little and visit every now and again.
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photo by: diisha392