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Hooters-OKC Bricktown, Megan is on my right.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Hooters in Amarillo, TX. The plan today was to drive to Oklahoma City and have lunch in Bricktown.  Not coincidently there is a Hooters in Bricktown, overlooking the canal. Isn't it amazing how these things seem to work out? But, we had a little hitch. On the drive from Amarillo to OKC we stopped in McLean, TX to visit a museum on old Route 66. We lost track of time and spent over an hour there. With a couple of other unscheduled pit stops we arrived at 2 PM, instead of noon. We weren’t that hungry, because we had eaten on the way in. So we took a round trip on a canal boat, and then decided we had better eat soon.


We walked into Hooters and found ourselves a seat.

The all important Hooters sign
For those who don’t frequent Hooters, you almost always just seat yourself. When it is very busy there is usually a Hooters Girl to help you out. But, it was mid-afternoon and seats were plentiful.


Margo and I each have our own criteria for choosing where to sit. She factors in the view into the restaurant from the table, the view out of the nearest window, the temperature of the restaurant, the outside ambient temperature, wind speed, the placement of A/C vents, table cleanliness, and proximity of the restrooms. I look for the prettiest girl and figure out which section is hers. Yes, I know. I’m a pig. My dear wife keeps reminding me of that. Yet, she goes with me and takes the pictures!


Our waitress was Megan (sp?) and she looked to be barely old enough to work here. I was too full for anything real heavy so I ordered a Cobb Salad. I think I got fries, too. There is always room for dessert and French Fries. I don’t always order them, but being too full is never the excuse.


The restaurant was a little on the small side and the afternoon service was a touch slow. But, that only gave me more opportunity to develop eyestrain. We got our food, ate, and then I went to the restroom. As I always try to get my picture after eating, I figure it is only polite to put my arms around the pretty girls with clean hands. Please, no applause.


The check was waiting for me when I got back and Margo informed me that she had already set things up with Megan. I got a good wife. Megan suggested we head to the main entry way, where we would have more room and be able to get the Hooters sign in as well. The Hooters sign was not exactly the most important criteria here, but who was I to argue?


Megan corralled three other girls for the picture and in less than a minute I had my picture. This was my 21st Hooters. As always I look forward to the next one!

bkretzer says:
That's me, always thinkin' of the ladies!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
dothoin says:
That was a touch of class to wash your hands before grabbing a Hooters girl ...such a gentleman :-)
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
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Hooters-OKC Bricktown, Megan is on…
Hooters-OKC Bricktown, Megan is o…
The all important Hooters sign
The all important Hooters sign