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Not the best picture, but it's still worth 500 words anyway.

Yes, I know my title could be construed as sexist. But, if that is your first thought when you read it, you need to get over yourself.  I have learned one thing about my visits to the Hooters around the country; this chain is about taking itself in a most unserious manner. Of course they are there to make money. And they do that with a very visible hook. But, this isn’t a strip club. They provide the things a male audience is interested in; Pretty girls wearing skimpy cloths, sports on TV, beer, and decent food. But, they emphasize the lighthearted and campy approach to this. Signs like “Please remain seated while the room is in motion” or “ Caution: Peroxide in Use” do not send the message that the problems of the world are not going to be solved here. I have a lot of respect for the ladies that work here. They have worked out that just by being eye candy and providing good wait service their tips will be larger than say at Chili’s or TGIF.

Me and the Ladies. Jennifer is on my right.
If you have to wait tables, you might as well maximize your return.


So when Margo, Jessi, and I walked into the Hooters in NYC, we were expecting an experience that was duplicated across the nation. We got that, but it was completely overshadowed by a bit of a cultural surprise. The person providing this surprise was male. He was 60ish with short, graying, thinning hair, parted on the side, and masculine eyeglasses. From the neck up, he could have just come from Wall Street. But, then it gets confusing. He had a pink, sleeveless blouse, and pearls. This was combined with a short skirt, heels, and fishnet stockings. A boob job or falsies completed the picture. He walked and had the build of a man.


I don’t claim to be an expert, so I don’t know if what we saw is a transgender person, a transvestite, or a cross dresser. But, it was damn sure odd, and we had to work to not stare. We weren’t alone. To each his own.


We had ordered our food, from Jennifer, our server. From this point on it was a normal Hooters experience. Jennifer was happy to gather a couple of the lady staff, and my wife, as usual, manned the camera.


We had been in NYC for less than three hours, and as far as we were concerned we had gotten our trip off on the right foot.


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Not the best picture, but its sti…
Not the best picture, but it's st…
Me and the Ladies. Jennifer is on …
Me and the Ladies. Jennifer is on…
New York
photo by: herman_munster