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Hooters Parker Road in Aurora

Hooters Makes You Happy is the Hooters corporate tag line. I was going to need some happy.


I had taken the week of May 3rd off from work. Was this for some great a memorable travel experience? I wish. It is spring time in Colorado and I had a mountain of chores to do around the house. I have an attic fan to replace, many dozen flowers to plant,  the patio to spray off, the hot tub to drain and clean, mulch to apply, sprinkler heads to fix, a dog run to install, the lawn needed mowed (surprise with the fertilizer and rain we got), a stump to remove, and weed killer to put down. This was on top of some research I wanted to do for a couple of writing projects and I wanted to visit a cemetery in Denver.

Bigger Hooters
Yes, poor me.


Suffice to say I had a full week planned. I told Margo that in addition to anything else I got done, I wanted to visit the only other Hooters in the Denver metro area that I had not been to. This would be the one on Parker Road in south Aurora. It got to be Friday night, the day we had decided to go, way too fast. I was tired and in need of a pick-me-up. I hoped a trip to see pretty girls in scantily clothing, bringing me beer and food would do it. Stranger things, right?


Margo thinks my interest in Hooters is a cross between demented and hilarious.

Leah and I (Hooters does make you happy!)
She dutifully goes along and even takes my picture. We observe and comment on the patrons and the Hooter girls. I do a lot of nodding and try to remember to look at my wife when she talks to me. My attention always seems to wander.


Our Hooters Girl today was Leah, a very attractive (Really, a pretty girl in Hooters?) young lady who’s first day on the job was not today. She walked the perfect balance of flirting with the guy (That would be me) and not ignoring the girl (dear wife) so as to maximize her tip. If she spends too much time on the guy and maybe dear wife starts to chew on husbands ear and make suggestions on the size of the tip. Ignore the guy and you risk driving him some where else, and leaving a small tip as a departing gift. Leah was very good. I got a mega-watt smile everytime she approached the table and she made sure she was very serious about getting Margo’s, requests correct. I actually placed Margo’s order for her, as nature had called, and I was all alone when Leah returned to take our orders. We each have our crosses to bear.


Drinks were delivered. Food was delivered. Margo requested something special. Bill got a smile brilliant enough to overexpose film, and everything was right in the world. When she brought our check, I asked for a picture. She beamed, said "Sure", and then took a step towards Margo and made to put her arm around her. Leah has a sense of humor. Margo thought this was hilarious. It was definitely amusing enough to get me to smile, as I posed with Leah.


As we were driving home, I joked with Margo, that I was tempted to tell Leah that she was flirting with the wrong person. I would elaborate by telling her that Margo and I were brother and sister and that Margo was gay and picking up the tab.


She delivered her “You’re sick” with quite the laugh.

bkretzer says:
Scooter would get more attention that I would! Poor pup has to stay at home and take one for the team.
Posted on: May 11, 2009
X_Drive says:
You, indeed, are quite sick! I hope you took Scooter where I am sure the girls would scratch his ears! :D
Posted on: May 10, 2009
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Hooters Parker Road in Aurora
Hooters Parker Road in Aurora
Bigger Hooters
Bigger Hooters
Leah and I (Hooters does make you …
Leah and I (Hooters does make you…
photo by: snobordrchic