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I can't remember if it was her birthday or what. I was distracted.

In late March of 2004 I was asked to help oversee the transition of inventory from one warehouse to another. Our company had just started to service a new restaurant chain. My company needed someone to go over to the distribution center of the company that would stop supplying product to that chain, and supervise its transfer to us. It wasn't terribly difficult work. I checked the condition of the product, checked the expiration dates, and made sure it was handled properly. But, I was in effect going into enemy territory. I did not work for this company. I worked for the company that had just gotten a customer they didn't want to lose. People would likely be losing their jobs in this place. I could be a convinient target to vent anger.

The job was to take just a couple of days. I would fly in on a Friday, work Saturday, have Sunday to look around (they are closed), and then finish up on Monday. Things went just as planned. The peole at the DC were great and we had no trouble.  After sleeping in on Saturday and then sightseeing during the day (for another blog), I was off to downtown St. Louis. The Hooters there is (was, it has closed an moved) in Union Station. Union Station is their old train depot. It is very large and has been converted into a mall. I got there and found a seat at the bar. I had two beers and a burger. I didn't have as good a time as in Hawaii. That was because I was by myself and I'm not the social butterfly. I did have my camera, but could not muster up the courage to ask for a photo. I'm such a wuss sometimes. But, it turned out to some sort of special occasion for one of the Hooters girls. See had to get out in the front of the house and hula hoop, to cheers and whistles of the staff and patrons. I seemed to have no trouble with taking that picture.

The hula hooping girl was wearing a black uniform, the first I had ever seen. So, I decided that a black top was what I would get my daughter. She likes the idea of being a bit different. She sees the people around town with Hard Rock Cafe tees from all over the country, and world. This is kind of her way to thumb her nose at them. I have nothing against the people that like to visit these places and see our country and the world. I admire them, in fact. But, I never seem to see a HRC tee from say, Dallas. The tees always like to proclaim the more exotic and trendy places. I have never commented on this to my daughter, but she is pretty sharp. I am pretty sure she is trying to say "So you have been to HRC-Tel Avi? So, what I've been to Hooters-St. Louis!" The combination of class envy and the confident in which she carrys herself sends the message. She will do fine in the world.

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I cant remember if it was her bir…
I can't remember if it was her bi…