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Hooters Amarillo, TX

On a previous trip to Amarillo I had visited this Hooters restaurant before. We only stopped by long enough to grab a t-shirt for Jessi. When I started this blog, I knew I would be back this summer, so I decided against writing about my visit to their gift counter. The highlight of that trip was an extremely attractive girl climbing up on a stool to get a t-shirt from the very top. Quite the view, and Yes, I know. My wife tells me, “You’re a pig” No excuses. I like pretty girls in skimpy outfits. Sue me.



Amarillo had been experiencing a relatively cool summer.

The sign to pull travelers off of I-40
Until we arrived. We had just been out to Cadillac Ranch, and as we finished up at 11 AM local time, it was already approaching 100 degress. I was looking forward to beer.


We arrived and found a seat. It wasn’t that difficult, as lunch time at Hooters is slow compared to the evening rush. Plus it was still early, even for lunch. Our waitress was named Tammy. She looked to be in her mid to late 20s and she got us started with drinks.


I did my usual staring at the girls. Margo and my sister-in-law, Jackie just took in the atmosphere. Jackie had never been to a Hooters before. She is mentally handicapped and we wondered what she would think. We never got an enthusiastic opinion one way or another, but she did buy herself a Hooters t-shirt when we left. She must have had a good time.


They looked to have only one cook on duty.

Grandma is on the right
At a lot of the Hooters restaurants around the country you have a full view of the kitchen from the dining area. This one was no exception. The youngish looking guy they had manning the grill was very good and announced in a loud clear voice when an order was ready. He completed an order and I distinctly heard him yell “Grandma! Order up!” Our waitress, Tammy, went up and got it. This turned out to be our order. When she got to the table I had to ask “Did that cook just call you grandma?” She looked mildly embarrassed as she explained that they had been looking for a nickname to hang on her and as she was the oldest girl working there, someone had come up with “Grandma”.  She said she didn’t mind it, but we all thought it was just this side of hysterical.


We finished our meal and I asked for a picture. Tammy readily agreed and even found a second girl for the picture. She came back and asked if it was OK if her co-worker was in the picture. Margo beat me to the punch when she echoed my thoughts with a resounding “Sure, the more the merrier!” I got a great wife.


Picture taken and then we got Jessi her apparel. Tammy and the manager helped us there. Mission accomplished and I have now written about every Hooters I have ever set foot in. My next Hooters will be my 21st.

rotorhead85 says:
Nice collection!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
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Hooters Amarillo, TX
Hooters Amarillo, TX
The sign to pull travelers off of …
The sign to pull travelers off of…
Grandma is on the right
Grandma is on the right
photo by: fabienuk