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Hooters of Mission Valley, SD (photo courtesy of discoverSD.com)

Way back in February 1998, I took a trip to San Diego to visit my best friend, Dennis. This trip was to blow off steam. I, along with everyone else at my company, had gone through the worst year of our careers. I will save the specific whining for the blog that covers that trip, but the bottom line is I was primed for a good time. And, what better way to have a good time than a stop at Hooters.


We got in Dennis’ car and jumped on the highway. Our plans were to stop for something to eat (did I mention Hooters?) and then head south for an afternoon in Tijuana. We had both been to Tijuana before. Dennis more than I, but neither of us really know the place. We pulled into the Mission Valley Hooters on Camino De la Reina and grabbed a table. It was not very busy. It was still a bit early for the dinner crowd, so we had a lot of our Hooters Girl’s attention. Her name escapes me, which considering the amount of time my attention my focused on her name tag area, is rather surprising. She was a very pretty red head who we discovered was a student at San Diego State University. This isn’t surprising, as a lot of the Hooters girls I have talked to are working their way through college.


As we were able to monopolize a lot of her attention we mentioned our Mexico destination, and wonder of wonders a college student from San Diego had an opinion on where we could go for a good time. She suggested a place called Senor Frogs. She gave us some rough directions. She also suggested a couple of other places, but as we never made it to them, their names were not inscribed upon my memory.


We ate, ogled, drank beer, ogled, and paid our bill. We left with the knowledge that in addition to eye strain, beer, and sports on TV, Hooters provides travel information as a service. Is it any wonder that I consider them such a vital traveling experience?
jennjeff1 says:
In the military, to be politically correct, we call these places "off-site orange"!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2011
dothoin says:
Wow so jealous of you being able to indulge your hobby like that. We have no Hooters here in Ireland, well we have hooters but no Hooters, if you excuse my French. They should open up a theme park Hooters and call it Hooterville. Or was that the town in Green Acres?
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
bkretzer says:
It will probably to the new one in Loveland (I kid you not), Colorado! Then next year I have plans for Louisville, KY, Orlando and Cape Canaveral FL. All three have Hooters to choose from (so to speak).
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
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Hooters of Mission Valley, SD (pho…
Hooters of Mission Valley, SD (ph…
San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300