Old School Bill flying to fantasy island .... Amsterdam here I come!!!

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OSB flying to fantasy island ... Amsterdam here I come!!!

Presented by Keiko Creative
Drawings by Gejah
Words by Keiko & Gejah
Photo editing by Keiko
*I like to express my thanks to those that are part of this featured blog: Old School Bill, Carlos, Gejah, Wally, Richard & Bas*

When 'Old School Bill' this name appears on your TB screen, I guess there will be loads of questions:

Who is this mysterious man behind the pinkish chair?

How does he looks?

How young is he?

Does he has a great sense of humour?

Or is he just a businessman of the 21st century?


Before OSB comes out from arrival hall 4, all those questions above are running thru and from in our head! We almost got a headache!

The 4 of us waiting infront of the gate are: Richard Gimpel (Gimpel), Bas (bas2107), Walter (Gemini59) and myself.

Old School Bill

His plane arrives earlier than expected (yes, "HIS PLANE", just sounds like he owns this particular Easy Jet for an hour but in fact he was flying with a carpet.)! haha:D


Let me just share what I have in my imagination when it comes to Old School Bill.....

I've that idea in my mind, he is a man with a younger outlook at his middle age, he is secretive, he loves doing things alone, he is not someone that likes to appear in a big group of people. He is someone that has great passion for bikes & fishing. Unfortunately he does not have much experience in booking tickets!!


The gate slide open, a man comes out from there and we start wondering whether is that Old School Bill??.....Looks like he is, but he is walking away from us….so I don't think so.

We waited & waited patiently....the time...tick tock….tick tock.... goes by seconds by seconds....any minute now.... and then there is this man with a cap and a sunglasses above the cap, with just a small backpack carrying behind his back....Old School Bill???.......but none of us have seen him before....he is really walking towards us now.......

It is really HIM!!

Our TB Old School Bill finally appears in front of our eyes!!:P


Old School Bill finally landed in Amsterdam….

Opening his gift!
his fantasy island paradise!!! I will try to explain to you all how he looks like. (because you are all very curious!) Firstly, I think most ladies like Brett Pitte!

I’m for sure do! You could say they are twins! Secondly, about his age, he looks if he is very young, I think maybe 25!!!

Ha ha ha ha, all of us start blasting into laughter!!

Since the gate is near to Starbucks cafe, we walked into Starbucks and have a chill out there!


We got the seats, we got our drinks, but we have not been able to stop laughing!

Also Carlos came walking towards us, and it is really nice to meet Carlos in person, Old School Bill’s old time friend.

Then Bill and Carlos start their story of how both of them get to know each other.

Both of their wife’s from bill and carlos are best friends already, so that is how they met each other and from that moment on they are best old time friends until now, and that is how they end up knowing each other for so many years.


And here is the story of Old School Bill and his ticket.

Carlos & Old School Bill internet chat!
... You all have been waiting to hear!! And Read!

Bill said:”I’m really freaking out this morning!!”

Keiko jokingly:”Yes, Bill, the whole world is laughing about it:P

Tell me all about it Bill? What went wrong??

My company is named Old School . So booking the ticket, I was talking on tb, making a blog and trying to do more. They call that multitasking. I thought I can do that also. But on march 31, the moment I was trying to confirm my ticket , and trying over and over again. But it was not accepted. Finally my brains made the connection!! I have put the wrong name on the ticket!! Old School!! My god, how am I going to change that???

So I called and called and tried to get help from TB on the forum. I really was freaking out!!

And before that I was so happy finding a very cheap ticket, about a “couple of hundreds $$$”, from Florida to Europe, happily and unexpectedly, it turns out to be the most expensive trip for me!”:D This ticket cost him more than USD$2000 for one way ticket from Florida to Amsterdam!

All of us blast out into laughter.

Talking to Anna over the phone.

Old School Bill said, "I don't care, as long as I make my way to Europe!"


Time passes real quick, is almost 5pm, so we get ready to move on to Amsterdam City!!!

We went to get the train tickets for both of them, then we proceed to the platform and took the next available train.

While in the train, OSB busy looking out the windows, looks like Alice in the wonderland. He was staring out of the window as if he saw an alligator!

When we arrived in Amsterdam central, we paused awhile at the entrance and Carlos said to Bill: “Bill u have to look out for the trams, buses, bicycles, cars, etc….

Carlos(Tuga) Old School Bill's old time friend.

Bill gave that kind of look like telling Carlos, no problem I’ll be fine! This is not my first adventurous trip! (I live in a very busy area myself!! My neighbors are just 2 km away from me!

First we walked with them to the hotel and let Bill put off the luggage.

Carlos: “Bill, do u want me to carry your laptop?”

Bill:”No need, I’m fine!”

Carlos: “Is going to be heavy and I don’t think u can deal with it when comes to end of the day!”

Keiko: ‘Don’t worry, Bill can handle it is just the weight of 4mosquitoes”


As we all know Bill only has his mini backpack for the trip that weigh less than “2 mosquitoes”, and a laptop another less than “2 mosquitoes”.

Bill never brings any jacket with him so I added, “Bill u need to get an orange jacket.”

Bill:”Why orange?”

All together: “Because orange is Holland’s national color!”


Not too long we arrived at their hotel, Carlos pointed out from a distance.

Wally quick cover my face! I don't wanna reveal myself!:P

This is really hilarious, coz from a distance u will see one whole stretch of housing, so I think Bill start having the thought:”Which is the hotel?? I don’t see any hotel entrance?”

As in other parts of the world, when it comes to hotels, is mostly a stand alone building by itself, in this case is not!

When we enter the room with Bill, thou he never mention out loud, from the look, u can tell, “huh?? This is it? A size of a pigeon hole? Look at me I need a King size bed!! (Sorry Bill the trip was already very expensive for you! So this will have to do!!)


After that we proceeded on with our dinner plan.

While having our dinner, Carlos shared some European history before the French Revolution and how the world is divided into 2, as we can see how the line that divide Argentina and Brazil now.

After an interesting history lessons, Carlos and Bill shared their interesting, hilarious, adventurous trip experience they made in the past.

Old School Bill seeing an alligator!

How Bill had forgotten about his wedding anniversary, just head for his interesting road trip!

Half way thru the trip, he realized, oh no, gosh, I have forgotten my wedding anniversary! (this is the reason he is wearing two pair of glasses)!

Both of them, when they travel, they really have an open mind and they will try out all the interesting dingy. (I am curious what adventure they will get into while in Europe!)


Soon the time has come to a point that we had to say goodbye, oh this was really an unexpected, hilarious, interesting meet up!!


Unfortunately to you all, Old School Bill is and will be: "Exclusively Mysterious"!!

KeikoCreative says:
Hi Petra, thanks, well is never too late to read this blog:P
Posted on: Jun 04, 2009
Petra2111 says:
Hahahaha What a great blog, thanks for sharing Keiko and Gejah!! Hilarious!! And it's a little late I know but congrats to both of you on your featured blog!!
Posted on: Jun 04, 2009
KeikoCreative says:
Nastassja & Ruby thanks to both of your for your comments and smiles, I'm glad u ladies enjoying it:D
Posted on: Apr 28, 2009
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In the airport, Richard, Wally and…
In the airport, Richard, Wally an…
Old School Bill
Old School Bill
Opening his gift!
Opening his gift!
Carlos & Old School Bill internet …
Carlos & Old School Bill internet…
Talking to Anna over the phone.
Talking to Anna over the phone.
Carlos(Tuga) Old School Bills old…
Carlos(Tuga) Old School Bill's ol…
Wally quick cover my face! I dont…
Wally quick cover my face! I don'…
Old School Bill seeing an alligato…
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Old School Bill wondering in Amste…
Old School Bill wondering in Amst…
Ha ha no more words to decribe!!:P
Ha ha no more words to decribe!!:P
How u like my new pinkish glasses?…
How u like my new pinkish glasses…
In the restaurant, a cat joining u…
In the restaurant, a cat joining …
OSB: Ouch! Oh no my neck hurts!
OSB: Ouch! Oh no my neck hurts!
Keiko & Old School Bill
Keiko & Old School Bill
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Group sketch
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