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my friends during one of the knock outs

On the last day of my vacation in Iloilo, was the day legendary pound-per-pound Filipino Boxing hero, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao was to battle against Ricky Hatton of England. You see whenever the Pacman has a match, everybody and everthing in the Philippines stops. That includes vacations.

From the day we arrived at Sarabia Manor 2 days prior, we already inquired where we could possibly see the match which will be telecasted live from Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, on a pay per view basis. Having been working with events, I have always been part of the team who handles the Pacquiao telecasts in Hyatt Manila. I always got in free, with free beer, popcorn and chips too.

A fraction of the crowd
This is the first time I'm paying big money to see the game.

This time, miles and miles away from home, I am a stranger in this city of Iloilo. I am not aware how the Pacquiao fever affects the people. We were in touch with our friends from work who were seeing the game from the hotel and they were having crowd control problems as well. We were informed that the buffet opens at 10 am and that was about the time that it was safe to come in to see the games in Philippine time. On the registration however, we found out that we were a bit a late still find good seats for 4 people in one table. The Kalantiaw convention hall, which could fit 700 people, was filled to the brink. People started filling up the place as early as 7 am. We had a tough time but we did find some seats. The room was elongated and had 3 screens from which the fight was projected.

The brunch at Sarabia was pretty good, and we were impressed with their banquet team as they were very efficient.

When the match started, it was too intense, it was hard to sit still. Everytime Pacman makes an action-packed shot, the crowd roars and hoots like crazy animals. The fight lasted only 2 energetic rounds with Pacman knocking out Hatton.

I was convinced. Not only is Manny Pacquiao is a boxing legend, but also that the Philippines considers Pacquiao days a holiday. :)

tashgorgeous says:
Lol. No worries, thanks and I edited it too. :) I know, tough match.
Posted on: May 12, 2009
ellechic says:
::grins:: It's Iloilo - not Ilo Ilo. LoL. Sorry, don't mean to be a know-it-all, my parents are from there and I still have tons of relatives there. =)

I saw the match 2 hrs after it was done since I was at work. It was a very short match. Painful to watch on how Hatton was so easily defeat - I feel for the guy.
Posted on: May 12, 2009
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my friends during one of the knock…
my friends during one of the knoc…
A fraction of the crowd
A fraction of the crowd
Hattons final KO
Hatton's final KO
Pacquiao wins
Pacquiao wins
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