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with my friend Sheilla departing Manila airport
The idea came suddenly, there was an airline seat sale and I had vacation leaves to spare before the year ends. The moment it was up I took the first person I could to Hong Kong. Not a very bright idea. Although my friend Sheilla and I are good friends, traveling together is another thing. I was outgoing and she was a bit reserved. I am organized with documents and she's a bit loose. She takes a lot of time shopping for one item, whereas I'd like to take time having a beer - and she doesn't even drink!

I got promoted exactly a month before (just about the same time I booked my flight and hotels) and I have been extremely busy and failed to have time researching on things to do. The trip came 2 days after I was almost confined in a hospital for being really sick. I thought I wasn't going to make it but I guess what they say is true.
Mind over matter. Still I got to be cautious. It was the first week since I quit smoking (doctor's order!) and I was taking a lot of medicine so I couldn't drink too. Lucky for my Sheilla, she doesn't have to worry about me sneaking out in the night and then stumbling back in intoxicated. LOL. :)

So finally we arrived in Hong Kong. We checked in at the Hyatt TST and went out for dinner. I was really excited to try something authentic. It was my first time there and I heard food is really good. I have never been a fan of Chinese food growing up, but after being exposed to a lot of fine restaurants while working, it grew on me. We went to a small canteen near the hotel and had the first beef with noodles and some yeung chow fried rice. Lesson learned... ask how big the serving is.
The serving is huge and it can feed 2 more people. It was good but I didnt expect we'd be having that for the next 3 days.

The weather is soooo cold, I think it was 8 degrees there. That is cold for a tropical girl like me. I had 3 layers of clothing on me but I can feel the cold air penetrating my bones thru my lungs.

It was incredible though, night lights were bright and there were a lot of places to shop. The hotel is conveniently located near Nathan road and we can shop til our credit cards give up - nah, didn't do that! And hey, when you shop here, learn to haggle, the vendors can easily sell stuff to you at half the price (or less). Haggle slashing 50% off, if they don't agree, pretend to go away and chances are they'll go after you.

The following day we went to Mongkok, again, there's more things to buy from the electronics, little trinkets, lots and lots of toys and clothes. They take in credit card in lots of places I dont expect they would, it's both good and bad. Thank goodness I'm not an impulsive shopper.

I also appreciate that Hong Kong's a city that is into football. Unlike the Philippines (where basketball is the mainstream sport) Hong Kong's a football junkie like me. And I loved shopping for football stuff :)

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with my friend Sheilla departing M…
with my friend Sheilla departing …
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