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Iits been a little over 2 months i have been here in Israel. I got here January 25. Things are very different compared to when I came on birthright last January. It was more organized. a little about what im doing. i am on a program called Israel Service Corps. It is a volunteer program and we also get the chance to go to Ulpan (where we get to learn hebrew). in the beginning of my trip it was very slow moving pace between getting all the kids volunteer placements and fixing up the house or apartments. we started off as 21 kids from all over the united states and canada. my living situation is like the MTV show Real World but we live in Ramla,Israel. We have the same concept. 6 strangers from all over the world. There are 3 boys and 3 girls counting myself. We have Mark. Mark is orginally from New York but, currently living in L.A. He graduated college with a theater degree.. Relaxed kid. Pretty funny when he wants to be. Matt. The Harvard graduate. Very smart kid. Always hangs around the house in his boxers. Not shy kid at all. Jeremy. Oh theres so much i can say about this boy. I could write a book. Good and bad stuff. Well he is from Long Island, NY. He is the cook of the house. He is known for cooking only rice, pasta, chicken, and sauteed vegetables. Also a smart kid but doesnt always show it unforantely. Now onto the lovely girls in my house. Ainsly. Silly Ainsly. She is from Toronto, Canada. Very easy-going. Very friendly and is a flip flopper when it comes to guys. Yet she also is a HUGE neat freak. when the house is clean she still claims its dirty. Laura. The baby of the whole program and my house. She is here as a like a gap between high school and university. she is the art freak out of all of us... if she isnt awake for most of the night is making beautiful art. now about my program. in the beginning i was doing nothing. i was going to ulpan but my volunteer was very slow. i was at an old age home. dont get me wrong these people were very nice and friendly but the job SUCKED! i was there to socialize with 4 adults. they only new broken english so when i wanted to communicate it was difficult. so i asked my cordinator if i could call it quits. then i was bored for a good amount of time and i wanted to go home home. then it got so much better. i was invited to help teach english to elemantry school students. from grades 2nd to 6th grade. at first i thought it was going to be difficult but it just took a lot of patience and i was willing to help these kids more than ever; i couldnt be happier until my cordinator found me another great placement. doing agriculture with kids who are at risk at home or are trouble makers. and i was told recently i dont have to go to ulpan anymore and i can just volunteer sunday thru thursday. very exciting.... well tomorrow we are off to a trip. hopefully tomorrow we get lucky with the weather. also ajs parents arrive tomorrow. yay for getting the package mom sent me... and a week from tomorrow is my trip to europe with mollie and aj!!

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