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This city is known as a very Scottish city … with many of the settlers coming from Scotland.

Liz and Miriam went on an 8 X 8 vehicle and followed a trail to see some wild animals. They got to see a lot of fur seals (probably 20 feet away from them) and looked for penguins on a beach that hasn’t had human footprints on in for the last ten years! The only penguins they got to see, though, were pretty far away.  The ride was very bumpy and wild, but they had a great time. Then Deb joined them in the afternoon for a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate factory. They got a lot of goodies to take home with them.

Lori went on a separate tour to two different wildlife centers … one which allowed viewing of yellow eyed penguins up close and one which featured royal albatrosses at their only continental nesting grounds in the world.  The young albatrosses get to the point where they are ready to fly, then - with no trial flights at all - step off their steep perches, take to the air, and do not touch on land again for the next five years.  Amazing!  At five years, they are ready to begin a family and so finally come back to land.  Lastly, they had lunch at a “castle” which was built by a Mr. Larnach over a hundred years ago.  The castle was really beautiful inside with lovely gardens outside.

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photo by: crystalware