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This morning, Liz, Mimi, & Lori went to the spa at 8 am for various massages. The day was pretty laid back, as we weren’t going to reach the island until late afternoon. Some of us took naps (Liz), went to the casino, or went shopping on board (looking for anything from a round brush to beautiful opal jewelry). Mimi and Lori went to a wine appreciation seminar and learned a lot. Deb and Liz participated in “The Battle of the Sexes” which is a competition that will run throughout the two week cruise … lots of fun!

By 5 pm, we were anchored offshore and took tenders ashore to see the Penguins on Parade park area. Every night, just at dusk, these amazing penguins (the smallest type of penguin - about 33 cm tall) come back on shore and head up to their hundreds of burrows just beyond the beach head.

There’s a big welcome center (read: souvenirs and food) which you pass through to get to the boardwalks that take you down to the amphitheatre type seating just at the edge of the beach. After about half an hour of waiting it was dark enough for these shy little creatures to begin to make their way back home. Besides being shy, they’re incredibly FULL from fishing for 2 or 3 days! It was an amazing thing to watch as they tenuously waddled closer and closer. They looked to be about the same height as the seagulls that were scattered across the ebbing and flowing waters. There CAN be as many as 400 coming ashore, but due to the fact that this is the season of their molting, we only saw about 7 come ashore. We may have seen a few dozen more had we stayed, but we had to join the growing exodus of cruise passengers that had to head back up and catch the bus to the ferry. While returning on the boardwalk we saw many more, and up even closer to us.

Back at the ship around 10 pm we joined the others who were partaking of the late buffet they were serving just for us. Once again, we headed for bed asap. [and aside: we found out that Liz and Mimi’s excursion Snorkeling with Sea Dragons” was cancelled for Melbourne tomorrow … they’ve decided to just use the time there to sightsee on their own]

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Phillip Island
photo by: monkeymia79