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Today we drove up the west coast of Maui to the pretty tourist town of Lahaina. The main street has lots of small shops, and is bordered by picturesque trees and the ocean.  My favorite part of the city was a park with a giant Banyan tree in the center. The tree is gigantic, and provides shade for an entire city block. It's branches spread out like webs from the massive trunks, and are anchored in different places by giant, snakelike columns, which are thick enough to seem like separate trees. Under the shade of the banyan tree there was a pleasant open air market selling souvenirs and artwork. It was all very touristy, but the beautiful and unique setting made it quite memorable.

Based on the advice from mellemel8's excellent maui blog, we stopped at the Honolulu Cookie Company, where they had free samples of their shortbread cookies. The cookies were very delicious, and I think we'll return to get a few boxes to take home before the end of the trip.

Also along the main street there are numerous "tourist" attraction stands, where travel agents hawk activities like snorkeling and scuba. The prices are often attractive, but often times there is a catch. In exchange for a reduced rate, you have to attend an "information session" put on by one of the numerous Maui resorts. I asked about these sessions and one of the travel agents told me that they were typically "an hour or two" long, but it seemed slightly suspicious, and it wasn't clear what exactly they were trying to sell. He said that the resorts wanted to reach young travelers so that they'd come back to Maui again (for a honeymoon, to buy a vacation house, etc), but it still seemed a bit too fuzzy for me. So, if a rate looks too good to be true, and you value all of your free vacation time, make sure there aren't any hidden catches.

pensacolapyro says:
Hey, I was here once, beautiful place.
Posted on: Jul 27, 2009
mellemel8 says:
AWWW thanks for the blast :) sounds like a wonderful trip so far with a cookie :)
Posted on: Apr 01, 2009
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photo by: anupa_rk