Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles!

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This was one of the funnest experiences ever! Every year, this "show" travels to LA, NY, SF and Chicago where vendors from all over participate in a craft fair that is hipster PARADISE. Everything imaginable is available - handmade and boasting some serious underground culture. Let me try and remember what I saw.. purses made from old textbook covers, 50's style bold plastic earrings, MEAT PILLOW (yes, pillow in the shape of a turkey leg or a strip of bacon), lots of print art, some amazing jewelry, and lots of patches and magnets!

It's a 2 day event and they have all sorts of workshops so definitely save up your unwanted clothing because they will assist you in sowing together brand new articles of clothing or cloth bags from everyone's pieces of clothing and help you jazz it up with paint and felt.
They also had some weird things like a "postcard booth" where someone hiding in a large cardboard carton would give you a postcard and talk to you if you gave fed them money through a slot. Weird.

Since it only comes once a year, I highly recommend you save up for these gifts because they're reasonably priced and one of a kind! It took a lot of control to not spend a ton of money on these rad items!! And one of the things about going to a hipster craft fair is that you will inevitably run into a bunch of your old friends-turned hipsters, all sporting the same line, which is "oh my friend has a booth here, I just came to support him." I think that the Renegade Craft Fair should be #5 on the list "Stuff White People Like" which should really be renamed "Stuff Hipsters Like".

Ok enough of my rant and I hope it did not dissuade you from attending this event because it really is FUN and COLORFUL and a nice change from the norm. That is, if you're not a hipster!
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