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Coming back to LA has been tough, for sure. Particularly to this economy. But sitting around all day is also bad for the soul, so I was lucky enough to get involved with a wonderful science/engineering enrichment program right here in LA spearheaded by the most wonderful young lady. The organization is called Iridescent, and they train engineering students from USC to teach very hands-on physics lessons and family science classes where the entire family can participate and learn together. It's very heartwarming and chaotic and important on multiple levels. I've gratefully accepted more involvement with this program because I am finding all this time on my hands and this organization really speaks to me at a level where I find myself thinking about it at all hours! Their mission is to bring science to low-income, low-performing schools, but really they try and match up with any school that has very enthusiastic parent and administration involvement, helping them be successful before the program even starts with all that support.

One of the more startling things that I've come across in this program though.. I present at a bunch of back-to-school nights where the administration showcases new programs and policies the school is involved in. I walk around a lot making sure parents understand the surveys, try to field what questions I can, etc. And on more than one occassion, I've come across an adult asking if they can sign up a child they are a legal guardian for, or a grandparent of. Sometimes we forget, with our largely intact families, that life can really throw people curveballs. Lord knows how many people become legal guardians of children because their best friends or sisters or brothers unexpectedly pass and they're handed this little person to take care of from here on out. It's a serious test of character and flexibility and spirit. I salute them all.
RJ82 says:
jenn! i think its great youre getting involved in these organizations! i agree its better than just sitting around. =]
Posted on: Oct 12, 2009
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