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View from the city hall.
First I would like to say that it was such a pity that we went there for a couple of days only. It's almost a crime. I had been told that "it's a small neglected city, there's nothing to spend more than two days on". Of course, tastes differ, but I do plan to come back and stay longer.

We arrived by train very early in the morning. It was too early to go to the hotel so we decided to have a snack somewhere first. Quick run to a snack bar that would be open so early turned into a  very long walk in the course of which we froze like hell.  Despite my frozen condition I couldn't but admire the buildings in the city center: very old (there are some that were built as early as XIII century!), truly niglected, impressively beautiful.

After breakfast we managed it to the hotel, got warmed in the hot shower, had rest and  went for a walk.
Neat wooden phone booths. Always wooden. Newsstands are also wooden, btw.
I add this boring part because I'd like to recommend the hotel we stayed in. This is no way a sponsored post, but I really loved it there, and hope somebody that might go there after this post will enjoy it, too. The hotel is called Staryy Krakow (Old KraKow). THe website's here:

Except the buildings, the hotel and the low prices in cafes, I enjoyed the Ukranian the speak there. The Ukranian they speak in Kyiv, despite my true respect, sounds a bit like broken Russian. It's a bit funny, although I respect it and try to learn. But in Lviv it sounds different, although it's still understandable, the phonetics is a bit different, and when you hear it you realize that it is actually a foreign language, like Polish and the like.

I guess I'm not going to write too much, because too many letters about the condition of the author's inner world look somewhat boring to me, I don't wanna be like that :)

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View from the city hall.
View from the city hall.
Neat wooden phone booths. Always w…
Neat wooden phone booths. Always …
Like this one.
Like this one.
Meet Virgin Mary.
Meet Virgin Mary.
Souvenir shop. With something in L…
Souvenir shop. With something in …
Me from the roof of the city hall.
Me from the roof of the city hall.
Blast from the past...

Vending …
Blast from the past... Vending…
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