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Fortunately, the plane was slightly delayed getting into JFK which meant I only had 6 hours to kill before Brett arrived instead of 7! LOL.  I figured out I am rather spoiled by places like Amsterdam airport which has lots to do outside the security gates if you are waiting or dropping someone off.  First, I made my way on the airtrain to Brett's terminal which I expected to have lots of places to sit since it was the international terminal...wrong! 

I managed to find my way to this shopping area which had lots of tables and a few eateries.  Nothing was really open at 6am except for McDonalds so there it was.  Sausage McMuffin with egg, coffee and juice, a table in the corner and I was set for the next five hours!  Leave it to me to pick the table next to the somewhat mentally unstable guy who talked to himself for the better of an hour and then moved on to singing worries on making the next American Idol cut....eeeeek! And btw, yes I am sure he was talking to himself and not on a bluetooth or anything as he did bring his phone out later on to make a call.  He was answering his own questions when he was talking to himself so pretty sure it wasn't a phone call! LOL. 

Soon, the place began to fill up and as my battery starting slowly dying, I started people watching more.  Listening to the older couple who were going on their first cruise, chattering to their friend dropping them off about everything they were going to do while traveling.  Listening to another couple next to me have a fight in some foreign language.  I don't know Middle Eastern languages but she sounded like she won the battle in that war.  Wow. 

Finally it was nearing time for Brett's plane to land - looked online and it was scheduled now to be like 30 minutes early.  SWEET!  Very excited and perfect timing as my personal laptop just died.  HAHA.  Walked down to the international arrivals area, complete with several followers who were creeping me out a bit and got there only to seats anywhere.  Uuuugh.  I went out by the door as there was a ledge I could use and hung out there, listening to one of the whackiest conversations ever.  I realize it wouldn't have been polite to take a photo but trust me, it crossed my mind.  This man wandering around was interesting to say the least.  Gold rings on every finger, lots and lots of chains - one was like the giant gold "charm" of Flavor Flav's clock....oh yeah baby.  Add to that some fur around the neck, a few gold teeth (next to several of the missing ones) and you have my new admirer.  I am not sure though how he thought he would have any chance with me (or any other woman on this planet) as he stood there arguing with his "ho" (his terminology) on SPEAKERPHONE throughout the waiting area about her sleeping around on him, listening to her talk about his shortcomings, and oh yes...the STD she just got diagnosed with that either came from him or his friend she just cheated on him with.  Nice.  My life seems so boring and simple compared to that.  What a pity!  LOL. 

Fortunately, they announced Brett's plane arrival at the same time security felt the need to detain my new friend over here.  Oh darn, and I wanted Brett to meet my new boyfriend.  HAHA.  A long few minutes later, Brett emerged...barely visible over the mountain of luggage that would become quite the joke for the next week.  Geez, you'd think he was moving or something?!?! HAHA 

Well, in true fashion..nothing ever goes smooth with me around.  Brett's company was kind enough to book him a rental car for the time he was visiting in between the assignments, however, it ended up being a subcompact.  Uuuuhhhh, one of Brett's suitcases was bigger than the entire "trunk" of this car.  They wouldn't switch the type of car over or let Brett upgrade and pay for himself -we would have to book a whole new reservation.  WTH?!?! Now, I worked in the rental car industry for one of the major companies for 7 years - I know that you can upgrade and pay the difference of the direct bill - people do it on insurance replacements all the time.  Well, to rent a new vehicle for 4 days was over $500 - sneaky, eh?  We decided to leave Avis and hoof it over with Brett and his 15 suitcases to Hertz and see what they could do.  Oh no reservation...sorry, we have no cars.  Uuuuuugh!  I sat with all the bags as Brett got the bright idea to call AMEX travel services who booked his rental.  They switched the booking class right there and viola, we had an SUV that was suddenly ours back at Avis. 

We barely get all the luggage in the back and finally, we are on our way to see NYC...I've only been in the airport now for almost 8 hours!! HAHAHA

metsbwd says:
Still kicking myself for not calling AMEX from the start! I do wish I got to meet your new friends though...but I wouldn't have seen him anyway...only saw one person when I left that gate :-)
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
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