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The sun rises at 6:00 a.m. in my mother’s birth place called Parombo. Parombo is a small village located in Padyere County in the district of Nebbi in North Eastern Uganda. It is set on a hill and over looks Lake Albert which is the second largest lake in Uganda. As we drove up hill from Panyimur it was dark and got even worse as we completed the hill and began a horizontal drive to Mum’s home. I myself had never visited Mum’s village since I was born, so I was excited to be visiting. My loving grand mother had also since passed away and I was not able to bury being out of the country and all. Many of my uncles on my mother’s side and also passed away when I was a child.


This was an opportunity to take some flowers to my grand mother’s grave too.

Bennadette the all grown up little girl
We arrived a little after 8: 30 p.m. but everyone was awake and waiting for us. My mother’s relatives were excited to see the “American daughter” that now lives like “Mundu” ��" whiteman ha-ha!

My favorite uncle ��"Terensio was there with his wife Stella who I remember as a child living with us for many months. He looked the same except for a few lines of ageing on his face. My aunt Stella however looked like she had changed with hard times through the years, nonetheless the smile on her face was priceless. She made dinner and hot water for us to shower: my brother Jimmy seemed to blend in so easily and knew most of the relatives. My little cousin Bennadette who had lived with me when I was still in Kampala had since grown into a beautiful young woman and she towered over me with her height. She beamed with laughter and hugged me so warmly.


We visited late into the night since we were to leave very early in the morning.

My Uncle & Aunt
My uncle picked some flowers for me to take to grand mother’s grave as soon as we awoke the following morning. I said a prayer for her soul and wished God’s acceptance into his everlasting Kingdom. Even though I never knew my grandmother, her soul lived in my mother who talked about her all the time as we grew. I remember that I always gave Mum money to buy her sugar and soap when Mum made the journeys to the village. My sister Beatrice knew her better and was able to see her prior to her death.


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Bennadette the all grown up little…
Bennadette the all grown up littl…
My Uncle & Aunt
My Uncle & Aunt
My Uncle, Me & Aunt
My Uncle, Me & Aunt
My cousins and my brother Jimmy in…
My cousins and my brother Jimmy i…
My older Marternal Uncle
My older Marternal Uncle
photo by: Africancrab