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Here is where my blog begins again.


So, it's definitely been a long while since I've written here. Nothing too exciting has happened, it's mostly just been settling in to a new life in Vienna. I've done some weekend trips- Bratislava, Prague, Slovenia- but I start my big trip tomorrow! This is the one I had been planning pretty much since the moment I was accepted to Vienna!

I suppose I am a little nervous about it. While I will be meeting my parents and some friends along the way, I will be spending about half of it alone. Funny that my last post was about how I enjoy my own company, which I do, I'm just not sure how good a conversationalist I am with myself. There will probably some long, lonely train rides, but I think I will be fine once I get to each place. I guess I'm also nervous because it's the longest length of time of straight traveling for me. A learning experience all around.

Anyway, the reason I'm starting up again with this is that it's an efficient way to let everyone know my whereabouts. It makes more sense to write about my arrival, stay and feelings about a place all at once instead of in several individual emails. So, that's what I'm going to do. I figured I will have to do something with all the time that would normally be spent making decisions with other people and fighting/arguing about those decisions. =)

So, ready to follow my adventures? Here's where I"ll be:

April 1-3: Switzerland- 1 night in Zurich, 1 night in Geneva
April 3-6: Paris with the parents (Happy anniversary!!)
April 6-8: Madrid with the parents
April 9-12: Lisbon
April 12-14: Algarve- Faro and Lagos
April 15-16: Sevilla
April 16-20: Barcelona
April 21-24: Nice/Riviera
April 24-27: Northern Italy, maybe Cinque Terra or Milan
April 27: Vienna

So, it's going to be a whirlwind tour of Western Europe. I am not talking my laptop with me, so, and here's the bad news, I will not be posting any pictures until I get back. Then, you should expect a barrage of pictures in your mailboxes that I expect you to look at and comment on. You know, I might just be desperate for interaction at that point (Ok, Ok, I'm not going to a deserted island, I know). =D

So, bon voyage!

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photo by: hellenica