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Aeronautical Genius
It's tuesday (i think). I left Bainbridge Island, WA on June 7th and, after a 5-hour layover in L.A., a man proudly sporting white, Champion ankle socks with his business attire (good for him and his brash disregard for "acceptable" fashion; i approve), a 13-hour flight across the pacific, the sweet smell of over 200 passengers' fermenting body odor comingling, a $4 custard filled donut, and a relatively short flight from Sydney, I finally arrived in Adelaide.

I was going to take a picture of my plane for this entry but i thought most of you have probably seen an airplane before. They're really not that exciting. Unless they have like a mohawk down the middle and maybe some cloud catchers, and a few gremlins on the wings.
Crap watch
..having a party. Definitely needs an eye patch on the cock pit. Cloud surfing ninjas? Why not! Bet you've never seen THAT before!

So i'm in Adelaide...Ahhhhh...3 legs of the trip down, 3 more of the 6-legged, smelly monster that won't just die already, to go. I have 3 hours to kill before my bus-ferry-bus , 4-hour trip to Kangaroo Island, so i decide to find a cheap watch. Two hours of wandering through Adelaide and every store i can find that SHOULD have cheap watches and i finally find a gag gift store. It'd be great if the watch was an obnoxious gag of some sort, like a flip-open watch that calls you stupid everytime you flip it open, but it's not. It's just a crap watch that already has something rattling around in it.
Bryan eats chips

I ate some chips and took pictures of a fountain and then caught the bus to the ferry in Cape Jervis where i definitely didn't leave Amy's digital camera under the bus seat where it would be lost forever. Well...maybe "didn't" is the wrong word. I suppose i should say i "did" leave it under the bus seat only to remember it at the last minute, sprint off the ferry to the bus, grab said camera, and high-tail it back to the ferry just as it was about to pull away. Heh heh...haaaaa funny story, huh amy? You totally want to lend me lots more stuff.

Ferry rides are boring otherwise.

Moving right along then.

Good news! Bob and Lorraine (the nice couple I'm staying with) didn't die straight away from the smell of me and my unshowered-ness!
So now i'm on kangaroo island about 30km (20 miles) from Kingscote--the nearest town.
Three Rivers Fountain, Victoria Square, Adelaide
I live in a caravan (RV) next to the house. I eat, shower, and pretty much do everything but sleep, in the house. I get up at 7am--rather, i am FORCED AWAKE at 7am by about every single bird on the planet screaming outside my windows, "Get up you lazy turd!" It's good...really...because i go to work on the farm at 8am and i don't possess an alarm clock.

Bryan's Day:

First i feed the chucks (chickens, duh). Then i water the 300 million (20-ish) guinea pigs, Tammy the wallaby, and Kairoo the kangaroo. I am in love with Kairoo and want to take her home with me. Not really what everyone had in mind when they teased me about coming home with a wife, but whatever...i heart Kairoo. After making sure the love of my life has water, i sweep her poop off the walkway...swoon...
then it's off to work with Bob on his huge, 500 acre farm.
Caravan Digs. I sleep here...and wake up freezing.

Sunday we chased cows with his truck (lots of mooing was heard from the cows...and bryan too). Monday we helped put up a "vermine proof" fence for Bob's son-in-law, Tim. i have a sneaky suspicion that the "fence" part is the only truth in the matter. Today we burned branches on Bob's farm, picked up scrap wire, and I mowed a field with a tractor. That's right...i am now a Tractor Operator. eat your hearts out you...non-tractor operators!

Monday night there was a full moon out and it was sweet. So i took pictures.
The farmland really is beautiful; and i am a huge fan of eucalypt trees. They are the ultimate climbing trees! I'll take better pictures of them, i promise.

Lorraine makes lunch and dinner for Bob and me everyday and it is always delicious. She's fantastic and works very hard. Dare i say harder than Bob and i do? I do so dare! And not just because i want to continue to receive sustenance! All in all i am really liking it here; the simple life is just what i needed .
Tammy. She's not so friendly...but she's a wallaby.
Plus, as it turns out, tea is essential to all of life's happenings. Going to change a tire? Have a cuppa tea first. Need to reroute your fence line? Better mull it over with a cuppa tea first. Being attacked by ninjas? Cuppa tea will sort them out. I may just have to adopt this wisdom.

I should be able to get out and see more of the island in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for sea lions, penguins, crazy looking rocks, and big, smelly pelicans!

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Aeronautical Genius
Aeronautical Genius
Crap watch
Crap watch
Bryan eats chips
Bryan eats chips
Three Rivers Fountain, Victoria Sq…
Three Rivers Fountain, Victoria S…
Caravan Digs. I sleep here...and w…
Caravan Digs. I sleep here...and …
Tammy. Shes not so friendly...but…
Tammy. She's not so friendly...bu…
Bryan + Kairoo forever
Bryan + Kairoo forever
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She likes bread. I do too...its m…
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Eucalypt tree! If I were a koala, …
Eucalypt tree! If I were a koala,…
Full moon
Full moon
Whos that creepin
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The moon trying to look like the s…
The moon trying to look like the …
Kangaroo Island
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