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on the way to the mountains

Today it’s the third of April. We are going to see the mountains today. Last night Oana said that Giogiana (jenny’s host) would call us to say how late we have to go. So just to be sure I woke up at 9 o’clock. I made myself ready, and we were a bit early. But just when Oana said we had much time, she came 2 minutes later with, ‘hurry up, Giogiana will be here in 5 minutes’ so that was bit dull! But I managed not to forget taking my motion-sickness pills. But they work so good, that I was like the whole way sleeping!

In the mountains it was great. We went driving trough the little towns, and watching the high mountain tops. I thought that we all were going, but I just went with jenny, her host, her boyfriend, and my host. We came across mathilde, sulima, assil, melek and there hosts but I don’t know they just went away.

But in the end it was very nice with just the 5 of us.

We went to the little wooden shops on the side of the road. Jenny and I were like amazed that there was so much junk the sold, like on queens day you wood find, but here it was al new. Omg there was this old lady she showed a little clock. She was very proud of it because you could hang it on the wall, and you also could put it on a table! I was like okay cool… not hahahahah!!! It was so funny!

We went lunching in a pizzeria. Here Oana and Giorgianna had a soup that was white…I didn’t like the view of it. And her boyfriend, jenny and I took a pizza. It was very nice. But also here was there something very funny. A few minutes after we had ordered (we were the only ones in the restaurant) a chef walked outside.

(left) Oana my host, (middle) Giorgianna Jenny's host, (right) Giorgianna's boyfriend
Jenny and I looked to each other and thought maybe she going to smoke a cigarette. But after a longer time. This chef came back with a supermarket bag! We just probably ordered something she hadn’t. it was also very funny. You now that happens here apparently.

We also went walking a bit to see a castle. And we just got some pictures. It was a shame that my pills worked like that good. Because my eyes were closing every moment. Especially in the car I was like 5 minutes gone, but sometimes it was been like 10 or 15 minutes. I was like drunk. Couldn’t speak, open my eyes or think very clearly.

When we got home I still had it! No normal…

At night Oana brought me with her to a training of her handball training. It was very cool to see because I never saw handball players before :P

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on the way to the mountains
on the way to the mountains
(left) Oana my host, (middle) Gior…
(left) Oana my host, (middle) Gio…
Crazy Oana :P
Crazy Oana :P
photo by: Fairy-dust