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my team, with the asignment to write a letter to the Eurpean Union, and a postcard.

Today it was the 2 of April. It was another school day. We also again were expected on 9 o’clock at school. We had to work very hard today, because it was the last day of school, and we had to finish everything. We weren’t very far so especially we had to work very hard. Melek I jessica and Wiktor we had made very much with each other. We finished he lay-out of the postcard, with also the addresses of every school. And we finished the text in the letter to the European Union. In the middle of the day we had our last lunch. We had chicken soup, fries, snitzel, cabbage salad, and a bread. It was very much. We worked very hard till 2 o’clock.

At two o’clock we had to present our finished projects. We had the dullest exercise.

the lunch
But that didn’t matter because the finished project of the group of the photo-album was to awesome! They had made a movie about disasters. But especially the disasters that were in the 5 countries that participated, and like disasters that weren’t a long time ago. As from 2007, or 2008. So that isn’t so long ago. It was very emotional because of the music.

When we all showed out projects to the group, we had to fill in a form and then we were dismissed. I didn’t really realized that it was the last time I was there, so it was a bit stupid not to make photo’s of the inside of the school. Stupid me!!!!well maybe Oana can send me some when I’m back home :P

At home I chose what to wear at the Festive Dinner. At 7 o’clock we have Festive Dinner for the people that already go home on Friday.

the whole group, all teachers ands students from all the different countries
Everyone except the Dutch! :P The Dutch girls, and our hosts are gonna go home on Saturday. But because everyone else is already gone, we have a free day. So we are going to the mountains. She found it so stupid that we had no mountains in our country, that we are now going to them here in Romania.

And on Saturday 11 o’clock we are gonna leave Moreni. It’s sad, but that’s live. We can’t stay forever :P

At 7 o’clock we were going to the festive dinner. It was in the restaurant of the only hotel here in Moreni. For them it was a really fancy place there, but we were like oke…not so bad. I sat between all the Swedish people, it was very funny. All the countries did a song or two, that were typical for there nationality. Like the kabouterplop dans for us, The Netherlands.

Danny and Wiktor, my fellow teammates
It was very nice. But the food wasn’t that great. As a strarter we got a fried fish, with some vegetables. I found it really unfair because I filled in a form, before I went to Romania, with also in it that I don’t eat fish. So that wasn’t very nice at all. So I skipped the starter. Then the msincourse came. A stick with chicken, unions, green and red peppers on it. Kind of mashed potatoes. And two beef thingies. I liked it, but ofcourse there had to be something wrong. Because Jenny had a piece of chicken that was raw. So she was so scared. She went telling it to one of our teachers, and then a romanain teacher told her that is was pork. And this was maby good news for Jenny, but for Amneris from Sweden this was horrible news. She also had a problem because she’s moslim so she ordered a vegetarian meal.
Ala (my teammate from Poland) with Felix (Emanuelle)from Italy.
we were all ready with eating, and finally she gor something. But she did got the stick thing. That was already strange because she orderd a vegetarian meal, and still she got chicken. So Amneris thought I will eat it because chicken I can eat. But then she heard that is was pork, and then she got the shock of her live! She said, that she knew that god will forgive her, but that she wouldn’t forgave herself. So that was a bit hard. But finally we came to the conclusion that is was just chicken. And that jenny had to be very alert if she feels any symptones within the 48 hours after she had eat the chicken. I almost can’t believe that she can get sick, from that little she eat. But who knows everyone reacts different on this things.

After the dinner we went dancing, and there was like no vibe or something.

Melek my fellow teammate and also from The Netherlands, with Jessica also in my team from Sweden
It was a bit cold, and I don’t know it wasn’t that much fun! That a whole new problem occurred, some of the people wanted to go to the pizzaria to have a drink. Many host-people didn’t wanted to go. There were many problems, and at last jenny and I went in the car with our hosts, and drove to the 3 pizzaria’s there were in town. Nobody was anywhere. So we just drove home. Since then I realized that it would be a very long time, or like never I would see those people again! Soooo strange. That’s why was a little bit sad. We went home and I got as fast as I could to bed.

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my team, with the asignment to wri…
my team, with the asignment to wr…
the lunch
the lunch
the whole group, all teachers ands…
the whole group, all teachers and…
Danny and Wiktor, my fellow teamma…
Danny and Wiktor, my fellow teamm…
Ala (my teammate from Poland) with…
Ala (my teammate from Poland) wit…
Melek my fellow teammate and also …
Melek my fellow teammate and also…
the final products
the final products
the final products
the final products
at the festive dinner (everyone fr…
at the festive dinner (everyone f…
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