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Jenny here suitcase!!!

Today 28 march. The day!! I woke up early. At 06.20 my mobile phone is ringing (time to wake up!!). I didn’t slept very well, and i’m not really wide awake. But that is not really a problem, as long as i dress myself and get something to eat.  My parent are gonna bring me to the airport Schiphol, so they also wake up early. When I am eating my breakfast i can’t eat (probably to nervous!). Not especially for the flight, but mostly because I haven’t got a clue what’s waiting for me on the other end.

On Schiphol, we look to the departure list, and see we have to to KLM departure 2. And the gate is E6. I’m walking a bit fast, because the excitement is stiring my inside. Form the outside I must have looked like a death fish, but from the inside I still can’t believe that i’m going to Romania!! At the KLM incheckregistrer there are already 3 persons, plus my two teachers.

  I’m right on time. 07.45 we were expected at the KLM registrer, but Assil and Melek were a bit late (like they expected to be). And when we are all complete, we went to say goodbye to our family. It is just a week, but it seems much longer when you say goodbye.

True the inchecking with boarding passes (what we already did, through internet) we went to check our luggages in. Assil had the heaviest bag. It’s weight was 18.9 so that was very much, if you compare to the 20 kilo’s we were admitted to take along. For here no souvenirs! :P  My bag was 14.3 or something, so not to much, but more then i expected.

After this incheck, we went through the passportcontrole. Always funny how nervous people get when they stand waiting behind that yellow line :P after this we went to get breakfast.

Some of us didn’t ate and our teacher told us , that we were going to eat when we were at the terminal.  I drank a lot, because i knew i would be thurtsty in the plane, but the side effect is that i immediately needed to go to the ladies room.

At the gate E6 we went trought the scaners for the other luggage, and trought the metal detectors. It was funny because everyone of us, went smling when the detector didn’t  alarmed his alarm. The securtiy peole really noticed that this flight certainly was the fist flight for some of us, no effence but it is really exciting for the first time, so I can understand.

In the plane the first thing i got thinking of was going to the lavatory. Man i really drank to much water, but better 20 times to the lavatory then getting dehydrated while the flight.

  You know about the lavatories at airplanes, so funny when you flush the toilets, there is this airflow (i first thought it got sucked to the outside of the plane, because of that there was this wind in the lavatory). But it is just the power of sucking it out :P when i went to the lavatory, i bumped everyone in the seats, because there was this turbulence (not heavy but enought to let me swing to right and left, while walking in the aisle. There was this woman with here baby, she didn’t got easy out of the lavatory and on top of that she dropped a package of babytowls (you know those wet and parfumed ones). I already again need to go to the lavatory, (will it never end!).  

At the airport of Romania were finally there!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still can’t believe it. We landed in Bucharest, and the traffic is a real chaos! We went in 2 cabs, and our driver kept praying or something.

Like he was expecting that he could die every minute. ( it appeared to be, when they pass a church it’s a custom). Man o man, what a drive!

I didn’t expected that Romania was this poor. You have heard it from others, and saw some figures about bad economical situations, but when you are really in it, it’s a real eye-opener! I was a bit shocking actually. And i started to get some pity for this people, but then i realized that we have helped this alnd before, but our money just ends up in a bottomless hole. So it’s a sad situation, but a true one. I have never seen so many people living such lives as they do. But it is also a bit cool that they can manege such situacions.

 And finally we were at our NH hotel. We filled some forms in, and choosed who we wanted as roommate.

I was with Melek on the 2de floor, room 4. Assil and Sulima were roommates in room 205 (we were neighbours yeahhhh) and Jenny and Mathilde stayed on the 1ste floor in room 5.

We went walking trough the city, and after that we went to a nice restaurant. I was a real challenge to read a romanian menu. When we walked through the city, we went to a carrefour (known as a French supermarket) but also here in Romania) to buy some water. The water here you can’t drink, so that was a bit annoying. I also bought a pair of sunglasses, because i didn’t take them with me because i didn’t expect it to be that hot. Luckily i had brought a whole bunch of t-shirts, so that for this type of weather i did had something to wear.

Now i am going to sleep. We have breakfast tomorrow at 9.00 and then we are going to visit some more touristic spots. It was a full, exciting, and heck of a long day. So now i am going to sleep when Melek is finishing her shower.


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Jenny here suitcase!!!
Jenny here suitcase!!!
we bought sunglasses in the carref…
we bought sunglasses in the carre…
photo by: tm16dana