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melek and our new Sewdish friend Jessica

Today it is the 31 of march. It was the second day of school, and very interesting. People got to know each other, better then the previous day. The previous day was a ice-breaker, and now we started talking like close friends. At least with some of them. The Swedish people were very shy, but now they started talking and i really like them! The italians keep a bit to their selves. I was a bit dissapointed to see that, becuase i was expecting that they were really good in making new friends. And the Polish people were very nice, but they don’t need new friends. They do have good ideas but they are here not especially for this project but for the holiday! I really came for the project...but i’m one of the few who were to.

I just had a normal breakfast, with toast and jam.

Oana’s mother also made a omelet, but i didn’t ate of it much because i am not used to omelet’s in the morning. After waking up, and eating we went to school. She had a very short day at school so i didn’t saw her at school. We worked from 9 till 11. And then we gethered to take a walk to an oilwell. It was very weird to see, that the people just lived near so many oil-pumps. There were much of them. We don’t have them i believe in my country. And the sad thing is that the people here i guess don’t see a cent of the oil-findings.  Some have it very good, but some they just don’t have anything. The pumps where also on the little mountain behind the town, we climbed that mountain. And on the highest point we could see the whole town.

After we got back we worked till 5 o’clock.

The Polish people were most of the time away. But the romanian guy his name was danny, he was very nice he worked very hard. Also the italian Eduardo he was a bit slow understanding but he did something at least. Melek also workes hard. I and jessica (swedish girl) were talking very much, but did worked in the meanwhile :P

At 5 o’clock my host and I, Amneris (Swedish) alone (here host was a teacher, and they gor dinner i antoher town), Sulima Mathilde and their host, Jenny and here host and boyfriend, Assil Melek and their host went all to a pizzaria. We asked if we could eat pizza, but they though we wanted as just a snack. While we mented it like instead of dinner, a pizza. So because we would eat if we were back home, we shared pizza’s. I shared it with Amneris, and because we sat beside each other we started to talk.

It was very nice. I have many thing like them, like thoughts and opinions.

When we got back home, i looked pictures of Oana with her and here mother. After that we went to the supermarket, because they had to bought me stuff to take with me to the excursion tomorrow. Her mother is very nice. She learning some little english words. And she was surprised that i was from a cold country. Well i really like them. And when i get home i will send her some packages with cookies and other Dutch products :P i will like that!

Now Oana made some popcorn, and i will go to the bathroom in like 20 minutes. And then i will go to sleep. It’s very cold in this house. So in the night i sleep on a spanish blanket, a very heavy blanket, my own fleeceblanket, my fleece sweater, a t-shirt with long sleeves, a t-shirt, and then i’m fine. But otherwise it would be very cold!!

Well goog night everybody, i’m looking forward to tomorrow. But sadly i had to be till 18.00 but hey, it’s an excursion so the time will fly i hope :P

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melek and our new Sewdish friend J…
melek and our new Sewdish friend …
Walking to a oil-wel
Walking to a oil-wel
a very green frog
a very green frog
The Italians!
The Italians!
A Romanian menu-card
A Romanian menu-card
photo by: Fairy-dust