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March 22, 2009

Crown Regency, Cebu City :

Edge Coaster and Skywalk

 1st in Asia!!!



When me and my friends were in Cebu, we didn’t waste the chance on trying the ever Famous, 1st in Asia, Skyride, the EDGE COASTER and SKYWALK, at Crown Regency Cebu!

At first, I was really scared cause I’m not a fan of rides perse!.. though, due to peer pressure, as I always call it, J, I didn’t got the chance to get away…

the moment has come,, me and my friends, paired up, there were 7 of us, so one would be left riding alone, since they know I would be cheating and wouldn’t even be tilting my ride, my friends really guarded me, hahaha! ( I love my friends though... J)

1st would be the Edge Coaster, it’s on the 38th floor, the ride is a two seater, the controls would be manipulated by the rider, the coaster can be tilted at a maximum of 55 degrees! and the ride would last up to 5 minutes more or less, because you will be revolving at the edge of the building. I can’t describe how I felt, my friend would always tilt the ride to 55 degrees, I would have the control of getting it back to it’s normal position, then he would tilt it again, at times the ride would shake and stopped, it really made me nervous, and I shouted like it can be heard blocks from the hotel!.. my picture on that coaster would sum it up.. after that, I can really say ��" I SURVIVED!

even the staff and crews of the edge coaster were happy and thankful maybe, because my shouting stopped already ! hahaha! J it was an awesome experience, I have my certificate that I can show-off.. hahaha! J


next was the Skywalk, it’s not as scary as edge coaster, little maybe, all you have to do is walk on a glass  edge of the hotel, though you will be wearing harness for safety, still the feeling of walking on glass and seeing everything below, really.. omg!... but still ��" I Survived!


when you go to Cebu, I recommend you try everything! and of course because it’s 1st in Asia!



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