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Drinking in Narita Airport!

In December something amazing happened at my job.  Our boss told us we could have the Monday of the Lunar New Year off.  YAAAA!!!Then a few weeks later something just as incredible happened not only were we getting Monday off but we were getting that Tuesday off also.  Double YAAA!!! I know a day off for a holiday may not seem like a big deal to most but when you only get a week off and maybe 3 days for national holidays its a HUGE deal. 

The original plan was to go to Thailand but the tickets were too expensive.  Eventually we found the tickets for Guam which were under 500 USD.   Three friends and I sat off for Guam on Saturday.

He's Free!!! YAAA
  I should have know this was going to be an interesting journey when I stepped outside and saw it was snowing.  I know your thinking snow in January is normal, well not in Korea, we tend to have dry winters.  By the time I made it to the airport bus my hair was frozen solid.  We were on the bus waiting for one finally member of our party to show up. Luckily Joe made it with minutes to spare, however, he did not have a seat so I gave him mine(I know nicest person you'll ever meet...hahaha) and went to sit in the back of the bus on the floor where another group of friends were. 

When we got to the bus terminal I was promptly asked to leave and switch to another bus because I couldn't sit on the floor.  Since no one was willing to give up their seat I said goodbye to my friends - who were all confused about what was going on - and got onto a second bus.

Us after a failed venture to find food. It started raining as we were walking there. Guess the gods of bad luck weren't done with me yet.
  I would like to mention the first bus was nice and warm like Guam, the second one was like walking into a deep freezer.  I went to the back of the bus and sat right back on the floor by the heater to keep warm.  The first bus arrived before I did so I had to find my friends once I got to the airport.  Picking up my ticket was easy enough so maybe things were turning around.  HA I was never that lucky!!!

Security check point...check.  Immigration...not so much.  I showed the woman my passport, visa, and Alien Registration Card.  She asked if I was returning to Korea, I told her yes.  She said I couldn't return because my visa had expired and I needed a new re-entry visa.  For weeks I had been asking Mr.

Joe and Mo at the hotel
Park (aka Superman) if I needed a new one.  He would say no because I had my ARC.  Well Mr. Park you were wrong.  I had to get out of line got to the immigration office, fill out some papers and give them 30,000 KRW.  Only problem I had only taken out enough won for the airport bus and back.   I called my friends and informed them that I was going to kill Mr. Park when I returned which left them once again confused.  Since I was short a nice man offered to cover the difference, I thanked him but said it was okay since I saw my friend standing in line still.  He had gone for coffee only to realize he couldn't take it through the security check point.  So Mohamed gave me the extra cash to cover my re-entry visa.
Maggie and I with a Corona and a San Miguel.

The flight from Seoul to Narita was nice enough.  We had a long layover so we decided to do what we do best and began to drink at the airport cafe.  We had some Sapporo, meet some nice people, then it was time to be off again.  As we were boarding the plane the security woman said that she needed to do a random check of one of us.  All my friends looked at me...TRAITORS I hate you all!!!  I then took off my shoes and socks, she checked my bags pulled out random things then repacked them all while the people who were boarding got to watch.  Not humiliating in the least...she was nice though.  We had a small little conversation in Japanese then I boarded the plane for Guam with what little dignity I had left, which fit in a sandwich size ziplock baggie :P

Once again the flight from Narita to Guam was nice.  There was no one in my row so I stretched out and went to sleep.  I woke up right before landing and waited patiently to get off the plane when I heard "Rayna R****** please report to security upon exiting the plane."  Crap...what did I do this time.  My friends laughed, I slumped down in the seat.  I said goodbye to the flight crew and hello to the officers from border patrol.  They asked if I was Rayna...yes.  Why was I visiting Guam...vacation.  How long was I going to be there...5 days 4 nights.  Was I a US citizen...yes.  Why was I in Korea...teaching.  This is all at the gate after we left the airplane.  So the same people who saw me being checked in Japan now got to see me being questioned in Guam.  My ziplock baggie of dignity was not empty :(  After they found out I was a US citizen they turned their attention to Mohamed.  Poor Momo...we went through the "VIP" line at immigration and right back to the little office.  Our friends had no idea what had happened to us they searched the airport and finally found out from the airport police we had been detained for questioning.  They left for the hotel.

The people in the back were surprisingly very nice.  I could hear the questions I am sure I was suppose to but I am nosy.  Of course they searched Momo's bag. And an hour later we left the airport.  I have to give it to Momo if it had been anyone else that would have ruined their trip...me included...but he brushed it off and kept on moving.  :)  He said that he would understand if I never purchased a ticket with his name on it again.  I told him that I would be proud to be on the same ticket as him.  He is someone I truly respect even when I am giving him a hard time.  We got a cab, found the hotel and put our things away.  We looked for food, but didnt find much, did find booze.  Momo doesn't drink so I drank for him and me.  Told our friends what happened then went back to our hotel rooms where I fell asleep on a cloud and woke up in paradise.

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Drinking in Narita Airport!
Drinking in Narita Airport!
Hes Free!!!  YAAA
He's Free!!! YAAA
Us after a failed venture to find …
Us after a failed venture to find…
Joe and Mo at the hotel
Joe and Mo at the hotel
Maggie and I with a Corona and a S…
Maggie and I with a Corona and a …
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